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I had it Backwards

In Moms on Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 3:09 pm

No, not my shirt, but I’ve done that before.  You know, half-asleep, or in the dark, you slip your shirt over your head, and it just doesn’t feel right.  And then you realize, Goofy… you put it on backwards.


Just today, after a very long time, I figured out I was doing something else backwards….in my thinking, in my heart.

I discovered yet another way I get offended.

‘Bout time, you say.

Well, thankfully, He isn’t through with me, yet!  I’m still learning.

I discovered that I expect other people to treat me the way I would treat them.   I know.  A revelation, huh?

When someone, especially someone I expect to know better,  does or says something to me that I would NEVER do or say to them, it is offensive to me.  I take it personally. I get a little bit indignant.

Self-righteous of me, don’t you think?

You know the scripture.  “Treat others the way you want them to treat you.” (Luke 6:31 NLT)

I just can’t find the one that says “Others will treat you as you treat them.”

If you find it, will you let me know?

Otherwise, I think I’m just going to have to let Him change my backwards thinking, my backwards heart.

And stop being offended.


Mommy Break

In Moms on Monday, April 13, 2009 at 8:06 am

Last week Erin’s Mother-In-Law kept her two boys (ages 5 & 3) for two hours so she could have a Mommy break.

Guess what she did?

She worked out at the gym . . .

For two hours!

What would you do with a two hour Mommy break?


First, Second, Third….

In Family, Moms on Monday, March 30, 2009 at 8:31 pm

The Differences in  Your Third Pregnancy Compared to Your First


With your first suspected pregnancy you take a test before you actually miss your period and take a billion just to confirm that it’s positive.


With your third you remember a week after that you’re late and that you better take a test (maybe that will be a good excuse for how cranky and tired you are lately).


With your first . . . you plan each and every meal with organic and safe ingredients to make sure your new unborn little one is getting proper nutrition.


With your third . . . you’re just glad if you manage to get food on the table for your family and scarf down whatever leftover PB & J’s or mac n’ cheese your kids left for you.


With your first . . . you read every pregnancy book you can get your hands on, spending every waking moment  thinking about being pregnant and having a new baby.


With your third . . . you forget you’re pregnant amidst the wiping runny noses and dirty bottoms, cleaning, laundry, playing, schooling, cuddling just until you have time to run to the toilet and puke up that last food you managed to scarf down and then get right back to the hard business of being a wife and Mommy.


TheFirst . . . you call the Dr. and schedule an appointment the day you find out you’re pregnant and wait in anxiety until that day because it seems so far away.


Third . . . you forget to schedule an appointment, and when you finally call they want to see you that week, “Can you come tomorrow?”


First . . . you take your time getting properly groomed and arrive at your appointment early in time to sit down and relax before you go into the examination room.


Third . . . shower?  I had one of those last week when I decided not to nap during my kids’ naptime.  I’m clean enough.  Relax?  I’m just trying to keep my kids from jumping off the walls in the waiting room.


First . . . you try not to get uncomfortable and nauseated and pass out during your exam and lab work.


Third . . . you’re just trying to keep your kids at the head of the exam bed and tell them you’ll explain later why Mommy has to wear a sheet only.  In the lab you’re just trying to keep them away from playing with the needles while keeping one arm totally still – that takes major skills!


Though the differences are vast.  I still treasure each one of my little ones just the same.  It’s just nice to know I can relax a little more with my third.  I feel I’ve stepped into the veteran mom status just a bit more.   Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.


What else can you think of that changes with each consecutive pregnancy or childbirth?




(who is expecting Baby Simms #3 around Nov. 6, 2009)

Dear Robin

In Dear Robin, Moms on Sunday, March 29, 2009 at 8:45 pm

 Dear Robin,

What do I say, instruct, teach a child who is insistent that his siblings are “ruining his life”?  Suggestions?  Ideas?  How do I show compassion but also get the point across that he is NOT a victim? That having siblings is part of life.


(This child is seven and the oldest of four children.) 


OK – help this mom out. Have some suggestions for her?


 Be sure to tell us your own birth-order…it will be interesting to hear your different perspectives.




My Mother is a Waiter

In Lifestyle, Moms on Monday, March 9, 2009 at 8:26 pm

Whenever any of my brothers and sisters got injured or were sick while we were growing up, I always remembered these words come out of my mother’s mouth, “Well, let’s wait and see.”


My mother is a waiter.


This is not a bad thing of course, as there are plenty of injuries or sicknesses that do not need emergency medical attention.  It is a bad thing though, if it is something critical. I remember when I was about 12 or so, my brother Jacob broke his leg playing on the neighbor’s trampoline. My mom was at the garden and I had to convince her that his leg was definitely broken.   Other than major injuries, : ) she was always good at diagnosing and taking care of non-emergency situations. (There were only 3 emergency trips from the 7 of us).


I thought it might be helpful for those moms that are waiters and for those that race to the emergency room at the slightest break in skin, to list some criteria that warrants a visit to the ER as well as some that can stand to be taken care of at home. 


Reasons to go to the ER:


–You or your child has a temperature of 104F that is unrelieved by Tylenol or Motrin AND you cannot get in to see your regular doctor


–You or your child has a laceration that needs sutures. For example, very deep or a split like across the eyebrow AND you cannot get in to see your regular doctor


–You or your child has a suspected broken bone and there is obvious deformity or unbearable pain when trying to move it AND you cannot get in to see your doctor.


–You or your child sustains a head injury, with loss of consciousness and are confused when they wake up, for example, ask the same questions over and over again or has slurred speech or just isn’t making sense AND you cannot get in to see your doctor


–You or your child is having an allergic reaction, breaking out in hives, getting short of breath, etc. 


–You or your loved one has a sudden onset of chest pain that makes you short of breath, nauseas or radiates to your arms, shoulders or back (especially for women), that is unrelieved by antacids or rest, and you have a history of heart or cholesterol problems


–You or your loved one are having any trouble breathing, have a history of asthma, coughing especially at night, chest tightness, pain or pressure, wheezing, very rapid breathing, difficulty talking because of shortness of breath, feelings of anxiety or panic, pale or sweaty face, blue tinged lips or fingernails.

These are signs of an asthma attack, or could be of any type of breathing difficulty. It is especially important to be attentive to these signs in children as risk for respiratory arrest is increased in a child with asthma.


And many others….but please use common sense!


Reasons not to go to the ER:


–You think a bug flew in your ear and you want to see if it got in your brain

–You have a splinter or a paper cut that takes a microscope to even see

–You have a fever and you have not taken Tylenol or Motrin

–You have a runny nose

–You can’t find the contact in your eye

–You have the common cold

–You think you are pregnant

–If any of your complaints are followed with the words “for a few months”

Example: “I have had a cough . . . for a few months”



Are you a waiter or do you jump to the ER at any sign of sickness?



Katie (who works in the ER)

A Love Story

In Lifestyle, Moms on Thursday, March 5, 2009 at 12:49 am

I love having my kids home with me and doing fun art projects. I don’t love when one of them disobeys and picks up a whole pint of yellow tempera paint and drops it on the floor splashing it up on walls and leaving a saturated pool of yellow paint in the carpet!
I love that when a certain child drops this whole pint of paint that I can call Mimi Meadows sobbing and she comes and helps me clean and saves her poor grandson from being killed. I don’t love that after 3 hours of working on this yellow stain that it still remains a huge yellow stain resembling a pool of dog urine right in the middle of the floor!
I love that after giving up and letting it sit for three weeks that this certain product Clorox Oxi Magic catches my eye at Crest and gives me one last hope for my pee-stained-looking floor. And after scrubbing it in and having it work I love it even more!
I don’t love that I forgot to vacuum it right after cleaning the floor like the instructions said (I didn’t get the point of that anyway – at the time) and when I go to vacuum a few days later I think my vacuum has exploded because Clorox Oxi Magic dust is flying all around. Oops. Hope those fumes didn’t mess with me too much. I think I’m still normal.

Do you have a favorite cleaning product? Or a paint disaster story?






When Just Enough Hell Breaks Loose

In Homeschooling, Moms, Scripture Thoughts on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at 12:01 am

Yesterday was one of those days when just enough hell broke loose to make me doubt just about everything I was doing. 

No need for details.  We home educate two teen boys….enough said?

After a hard day of trying to press through, I finally had time to do my Bible reading.  I know.  It’s supposed to be the first thing you do…but it didn’t happen.  And even if it had, I’m not sure I would have heard the same message that I heard later in the day. 

Ps. 94:18-19

I cried out, “I am slipping!”
  but your unfailing love, O Lord , supported me.
 When doubts filled my mind,
  your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.


My doubts didn’t go away, and my feelings didn’t exactly change, but I’m hanging on to His Truth….His unfailing Love will support me.  I can have renewed hope and cheer, because







Stay Home….Do Family

In Homeschooling, Moms on Sunday, February 22, 2009 at 9:44 pm

For many years I have been very protective of my time.   I rarely plan things on Saturday, especially, because that’s my day with my husband.  Even if we’re not together all day because of our tasks, I still make myself available to him.  I think he notices it.  I know he appreciates it.


I am protective of our school hours too.  The myriad of activities, opportunities, and requests has to be sifted through, and carefully considered, or our time could be spent doing everything and anything else besides education.


Now, our last children at home, boys, are 16 and 14.  Our time together is running short before they head out on their own.   I’m making sure that I don’t fill my days and weekends with extra activities, even though my guys are perfectly capable of caring for themselves.  I want to be available to them and to the many friends they have coming to our home. 


So, if you don’t see me at functions, or if I turn you down when you ask me to keep your children, or if I ask to meet with you another time, it’s probably because I’m at home, doing life and family. 


It’s my calling…it’s what I do.


Maybe your life is different.


Are you protective of your time? 


Is it difficult for you to turn down requests and activity opportunities? 




My Kids are Dumbbells

In Lifestyle, Moms on Friday, January 9, 2009 at 7:49 am

I don’t ever want to hear anybody say they don’t have time to exercise.  If you are thinking that about your life, then you just haven’t gotten creative enough about figuring out how to fit that physical training in.  So maybe you’re a busy mom or dad who just can’t justify leaving their kids anymore than you already do to get to the gym.  Well, why not make kid time PT time too!


I’ve threatened to write a book called “Baby Dumbbell”.  I don’t want to go through the hassle of getting some doctor to help me make sure my methods are “safe”, so I’ll just get my message out on the web where I don’t have to worry about somebody suing me. . . wait you won’t right?   So, I’m warning you  – use at your own risk!  Grab those dummies (oops, I mean kids)  and let’s get in shape!


Set a timer on your watch and start jumping!  Trampoline, jumping jacks, in place – whatever!  You keep your heart rate up for 20 minutes, you are burning some fat off!  Don’t like to jump?  Do a routine of marching, running up and down stairs, walking, jogging, kicks, arm circles, you can even lunge around the yard.  The kids will love it!  Play follow the leader and you can take turns leading – you follow a rambunctious 5 year old around and you’ve had a workout that wouldn’t even rival any military PT! blog-032


Yucky weather outside?  Do it inside.  Tables are great for lapping around, crawling is even better inside.  Do bear crawls (on hands and feet), military crawls (on forearms and feet), jump like frogs, hop like bunnies, walk around the room like monsters (stay in a deep squat while walking around and roaring).  Put on some music and dance.  Let them imagine and make up things.


Not enough of a challenge?  Play games.  Tag, duck-duck-goose, freeze games, red-light-green-light, hop scotch, red rover, ball games, races, etc.  Set that timer and just keep moving! 


Ok, so for part of my book (using them as dumbbells).  Hold them and do chest presses, do superman (with them on your feet) and bend and straighten your legs, have them sit on your back while you do push ups.  Hold them in your lap while you do dips.  They can sit on you as you do sit-ups.  Give them a kiss or a five each time you come up! 




Let them sit on you while you hold a wall squat (back against the wall, legs bent at a 90 degree angle).  While standing lift them up and down.  Hold them and twist at the waist back and forth.  Just grab them and start doing something – be creative!  You’ll be surprised at what you come up with and the kind of workout you can have.


Maybe one of your resolutions this year is getting in shape.  Maybe it’s to spend more time with your kids too.  Well, you have no excuses now!  Grab them and get moving!  Follow some of these tips and make up some of your own and you are getting that body in shape and for all your little ones know you have just become a cool parent that likes to play with them! 


What activities do you like to do to keep you and your kids in shape?







Fun Cooking with Kids

In Moms, Recipes on Thursday, December 11, 2008 at 8:43 pm

One thing we like to include in our activity time is cooking.  My kitchen is a place I spend a lot of my time so I enjoy including my kids in the process.  It’s been real fun finding food things they can make that go along with what we are learning in their schooling.  We have some all time favorites that I wanted to share.

Who didn’t love “ants on a log” growing up (or was that just a homeschool thing)?  We like extra long “logs” with lots of “ants”.


Pretzels and mini marshmallows make great math manipulatives for counting, addition, subtraction, etc.  or for forming shapes and objects.  Cheerios, raisins, and M & M’s work good for some of this too.


Make-your-own pizzas provide lots of creating fun!  After decorating we top with cheese.  When it melts you can still see the cute faces underneath.










Cutting and piecing together corn tortillas and then baking them make a great addition to whatever unit studies you are doing.  They are a great healthy snack too!  Check out our bats we made when we were studying about bats right before Halloween.


Another favorite is shaping or cutting out sugar cookie shapes and decorating them with icing.  I make a batch of icing and put in separate little dishes and add food coloring to make different colors.  They use paint brushes to decorate.  We will be doing these for Christmas cookies next week.

What kind of things do you like to make with your kids in the kitchen?