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Robin Meadows is mother to 7 children ranging in age from 33 to 17 and has home educated them all since they were born. She has been married to the same wonderful man, Dirk, 37 years. She is “Mimi”  to 11 beautiful grands! They have raised their children on 20 acres near Edmond, Oklahoma where she loves gardening and being outdoors. Encouraging others to love God, their mate and their children is her passion.  Read her former blog entries at Help!  I’m Overwhelmed by My Blessings!!


Dirk Meadows is Dad, Daddy Honey, and Grandpa to his 7 children and 11 grands and a host of other adopted children who seek his advice and love as a father-figure.  He tells GREAT jokes, can fix or build about anything and will offer advice that makes you think and decide for yourself.  He is a curse-breaker, believes strongly in leaving a Godly heritage, and loves anything to do with history and museums.


Erin Simms is the oldest of the Meadows’ clan, a homeschool graduate, wife of Jon, mother of Kaden, Will, Logan  and Madilyn, and most of all a privileged child of God. Now homeschooling her little guys, ages 8, 6, 3, and brand new Madilyn,  she is a full-time stay-at-home mom that enjoys gardening, cooking, reading, sewing and organizing her home. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of Oklahoma City University with a BS in Dance Management led to a passion in nutrition and fitness for her own life as well as helping others in their health-driven goals. The goal for her life in the blogging arena is to hone writing skills that used to be a passion, and a way to journal the families’ journeys and stories along the way. If it happens to touch others in the process, then praise God!


Ali Ruhman is number three in the Meadows family. A wife of seven years to her wonderful husband Brad,  a full-time mom to three beautiful daughters Lily, nearly 7,  Sadie age 5, and Ensley, 9 mos.   She also works part-time as a hairstylist and loves to make everyone look beautiful. Her interests include cooking, scrapbooking, reading, and frugal living. Her goal in life is to become a devoted woman of God.  Read the blog she and Brad have together Life in the Fast Lane


Brad Ruhman has been married to Ali Ruhman for seven years and is a loving father to Lily, 6 and Sadie, 5 and Ensley, 9 mos. He graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with  a degree in finance. He is an oil and gas accountant at ChesepeakeEnergy. Brad also enjoys lifting weights, jogging, bicycle riding,  playing flag football, softball, fantasy football, and watching NFL. His desire is to be a sold out  “Warrior” in God’s army.


Anna Meadows Light,  being the middle child of a family of seven children has always said she’s the cream of the Oreo. Wife to Cody, new mom to Ethan, 3 mos,  youth pastor, a daughter, a striving woman of God and a self-proclaimed drama queen, Anna has come through many trying times in her 25 years teaching her a lot about persistence, toughness, love, courage and how to follow the Lord’s leading even when you can’t see in front of you.  Read her personal blog at


Alexander Mansour, husband to Katie is in his senior year at UCO studying forensic science. Alexander plans to attend medical school when he graduates from UCO.  Alexander enjoys Crossfit (working out), traveling, reading, studying theology, and bike riding.  Read his personal blog at …Until the Next Adventure


Katie Mansour is number five of the seven Meadows children. She is married to the smart and handsome Alexander Mansour and is a RN at McBride Surgery Center, working in the ER.   Katie and Alexander, and their new puppy, Jazz,  live in inner Oklahoma City.


Abbi Zeliff Meadows

One of the few brunettes in the ManyMeadows clan, Abbi is married to Andrew, #2 (and the oldest boy) of the seven Meadows children, and mama to Beau, who recently turned 1.  Abbi is owner/trainer of Bod School and enjoys spending time with Andrew and his girls, planning parties (especially the wedding), making handmade books, decorating cakes, and organizing her home.  Read her personal blog at abbiz:  rants ramblings, & reflections


Jacob Meadows, 17, is the youngest of the Meadows.  He loves playing his Pearl Master drum set, is Center for the Oklahoma Patriot Homeschool football team, likes hanging out with friends, and being Uncle Jacob to 6 neices and 5 nephews. Jacob spends his weekends at NW Campus, serving in the youth and children’s ministries.

  1. Wow!!!! Robin you are amazing. You and Dirk has done an amazing job raising smart, responsible, God fearing children. This gives me so much hope. I wish I were your neighbor to come over and sit to chit chat and gain some insight on child rearing from where I sit today. I’m a 56 year old mom to the 2nd power ( raising my grandkids), 2x divorcee, trying to walk by faith not by sight. Every day my socks slide down to half way under the my foot INSIDE of my shoe. What does that me? It means my socks are either too small or too big but yet I keep on moving. That’s just an analogy, It fits me well. I’m raising 3 grandkids 2 of which has special needs, my day is a roller coaster. Reading your experiences are refreshing. Thank you.

  2. I just want to say that the Bible plan overwhelmed by my blessing is so amazing hands down the best thing for moms to read I felt like each and every day I read is meant for me I’m still reading them I’m on part 8 so thank you your truly a blessing to moms ! And it helps me every morning to conquer and become more Christ like and the mom God intended me to be !not to mention all the wonderful scripture you use to back it up amen sister your awesome

  3. In the day 2 devotional of your choices plan, you stated that God created us with an addictive nature. That statement is wrong. Our addictive nature is the same as our sin nature, which is a consequence of the choice Eve and Adam made. When they chose to do the one thing God told them not to do, all of us inheirted their fallen nature, of which the addictive nature is part.

  4. Thank you for your comment, Michael, and for reading the plan. I guess this is a place we will have to disagree. The void we have without God is that strong craving for Him. We often try to fill it with all sorts of things—food, porn, drugs, other people, etc and end up with those false, unhealthy addictions. That is sin. To me the addictive nature is how He made us. He gave us the true and deep desire for Him because nothing else will satisfy. Yet, He gave us the choice to fill that desire with anything. I choose to be addicted to Love!

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