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The Riddle – Answer Revealed!

In Marriage on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 at 12:38 pm

Belinda (a long time friend of ours)  guessed right!  The answer to “The Riddle” is simply (drumroll, please)………opening my car door for me.  Always!

Here’s the funny thing.  Dirk never guessed what the answer was until late last night!  He guessed everything from his singing, patting me on the rear, (seriously?  That attests to his character?)  to telling me he loves me.

My girls (most of them) knew right away.  But, my sons had a harder time guessing. 

Which confirmed my original thought:

A lot of men don’t realize that it’s the little things that mean the most to us women.  And often, we forget to tell you.   

Sure, receiving gifts and flowers is always really nice gesture from our husbands.  But nothing replaces the everyday things.  Like when Dirk always puts himself between me and the traffic if we are walking near a street.  Or when he empties the dishwasher, or makes the bed.  Or makes sure there’s gas in my car.   

I’m just saying, the best gifts most husbands can give their wives are FREE! 

Do you wives agree?  What are some of the “free” gifts your husbands give to you?

  1. I was waiting for the answer! 🙂 I would definitely agree little things make a huge difference! Joe will load the kids up and take them to the park so I can have a small break. He will run to the store for me if he’s already out. And we talk a lot, and thats free too.

  2. -warms the truck up for me on a chilly day and turns the passenger seat warmer on!
    -gets up on Sundays before me and turns the shower on for me, God knows I would hate to have to wait that 30 seconds for the ater to warm up!

    -Once our daughter stopped nursing through the night he gets up with her, no matter how many times she wakes up!

  3. Love it! Jonathan will put my robe and a towel in the dryer while I’m in the shower and bring it to me right before I get out! He cooks dinner sometimes, vacuum’s, picks up groceries on his way home from work, takes the kids to the zoo to give me a few hours alone. And the list goes on.

  4. Could NOT agree more!! I’d RATHER have the free, simple things than gifts any day!

    Not that long ago, while I was still sleeping, Andrew put away all the clean dishes in the rack AND washed all the ones in the sink…including filthy ones from my cupcake experiment. When I woke up, I was so happy I nearly cried. (though that may be the pregnancy hormones, too.) 🙂

    Gestures like that just show me that he appreciates the work I do to maintain our home every day, and that it’s not ‘beneath him’ to help out now and then, even though he works hard all day. Glad he’s like his dad!

  5. Totally agree. The little things count the most.

  6. Though I don’t say it often enough, I appreciate that my husband is a stay-at-home-dad, cooks meals for us, runs errands, and typically does the grocery shopping. He’s an awesome daddy and hubby.

  7. Tears

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