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A Quick Story

In Uncategorized on Monday, August 31, 2009 at 11:33 am

She came on a Wednesday night…was assigned to my group. Her dark skin and shy smile attracted me to her immediately. I’m a hugger….and she readily accepted my tight squeeze.


A good listener, she was not distracted by the normal 6th, 7th and 8th grade girl giggling and whispering that happens weekly in our small group. She is serious and has questions and likes to enter into the discussion.


On the 3rd week of her attendance, during the close, her hand went up as one who was ready to give her heart fully to Jesus. At the end of the evening, she came and greeted me with a bright smile, proudly holding her new paperback New Testmament.


The next week, Switch was a little different, as we spent some time praying over the students in our group. She was one of the first ones in my line…tears already steaming down her beautiful brown cheeks. I remember praying about the future and what God has in store for Jamiyah. About her influence in her family and friends.


Last week, we took a little extra time in our group….in fact, we were late getting back to the experience room for the video. But, it was only because Jamiyah was praying aloud for our group. She prayed for each girl’s influence in her family and at school. It wasn’t the simple prayer of a young believer, but it was a bold prayer of a young woman who is sold out, unashamedly all-in.


As we quickly made it to our seats, video already running, my heart was full. What Jamiyah doesn’t even realize is that she influenced a 54 year old lover of Jesus….my faith was made even stronger by her young, yet passionate new faith!

I wonder why it’s called “serving” when I always receive more than I could ever possibly give?


  1. Love when our sweet Jesus does that=)

  2. That’s amazing Robin! It’s cool to get to hear stories like this. I think God blessed you with eachother!

  3. Beautiful Story!
    Beautiful Outcome!
    Jesus Rocks!!

  4. The gift goes on…
    Great true story.

  5. So true. If the world could only get a glimpse of serving! ahhh – amen!

  6. ‘I wonder why it’s called “serving” when I always receive more than I could ever possibly give?’ You obey and abundance, joy and miracles flow out of that. Yeah, I’m stumped too. (grin)

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