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Help us Out….Ask a Question

In Uncategorized on Wednesday, August 19, 2009 at 2:08 pm

Dirk and I are scheduled to speak at a homeschool event in early September.  What would you want to hear from us if you were at the meeting? 


After 35 years of marriage, 7 kiddos, 5 sons/daughters-in-love, 6 grands (+ another the end of October!), home educating for about 30 years (and still going), there is one thing we DO have……NO, not all the answers, but we do have a bit of experience. 


Go ahead.  Ask us anything you want.  And it doesn’t specifically have to be on home education. 

We’re going to be on a vacation for a week, but your questions will help us decide what to speak on….and who knows?  They might even spark a few blogs from us….now THAT would be something new, huh?


Dirk and Robin

  1. With children from a wide age range, how do you juggle the education topics (specifically without the kids losing interest)? Say, your 4 year old is learning the alphabet and your freshman in high school is learning algebra. How do you help everyone when the subjects are so vast?

  2. Yeah!! When & where?
    I’d love to hear you both talk about your vision. Do u lead by ur vision? If not, how did you get the academia and great kids at the same time? I’d love to just hear examples of how u create family unity. And how?
    U told me to not start seat work/ serious school till 10. I’m still trying to understand what that looks like. Even though I’m not great at it (I have 2 more to get it right on), I think it’s the best advice I’ve gotten! Thank u!

  3. My kids will be 4 yrs apart once my 2nd is born…how do I teach my oldest but yet still have the bonding and special time with my youngest. How much money do you spend on materials, equipment, etc. Why did you choose to homeschool? I have many more but I will save those for later.

  4. How much did Dick do with you when it came to homeschooling?

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