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Gardening with Kids

In Gardening on Friday, May 8, 2009 at 8:39 am

I went online to the library website and reserved a bunch of books both fiction and non-fiction on kids gardening.  My boys have a lot of experience with gardening, but the books got them even more excited. 


We had fun picking the lettuce that is now ready in addition to our swiss chard and spinach.  Lettuce is an easy and fast grower that can be done in pots or in the ground (needs lots of sun) that kids can enjoy watching, picking and eating.

May 027 copy


My kids’ main interest in the garden is, “What can we eat?”  Currently asparagus is about the only semi-clean vegetable that is producing in our garden.  They chomped down on that and were asking for more!

May 032 copy

May 031 copy


A few weeks ago my boys planted carrot seeds.  Kaden is checking them out to see if they’re ready yet.  Not yet, but soon!  How exciting for them to see that their seeds are growing though.  Most of their friends think carrots come in bags from the store called baby carrots!

May 030 copy


Bush beans are another great seed to plant that kids love to pick (and of course, my kids eat them raw in the garden).  Another favorite are pepper or tomato plants that can be bought at nurseries right now.  (Good producers that kids love to pick).  Again all of these things can be planted in pots, in your flower beds, or a small plot you pick in your yard as long as they get sun most of the day.

May 037 copy

Kids can also get into digging in the dirt, watering, hoeing and picking weeds.  Gardening is a great education tool and a good way to spend quality time with your kids while producing something to eat for your family!



  1. Great post! Great PICTURES!!!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Many Meadows Mommys!

    Love ya all!!!

  3. I have a picture of you and your mom working the soil in your home in OKC. You were working right alongside us as we were cleaning out the weeds. You were so busy working just like your mom. It must have been 1982, somewhere about then. It’s great and shocking to see you with your little ones working in your garden…that is a heritage passed down. Does a heart good.

    Keep passing it on,


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