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Faith and Sight

In Scripture Thoughts on Wednesday, April 29, 2009 at 9:34 pm

What are you looking at? 

Your checkbook?

Your health?

Your disobedient children (or spouse)?

Your fading hope in dreams that may never come true?

All the pieces of your life that seem scattered and disconnected and falling apart? 

Stop right now!

Faith believes God no matter what….it doesn’t go by sight or discouraging reports.  Faith = taking hold of Christ, keeping hold, and not letting go.  It’s putting your hope and trust in the truth of His Word, and then walking it out.

Whatever the circumstances of your life, keep praying, keep holding on.

Pray prevailing…He’s listening even when it doesn’t seem like it.

He knows.


  1. I have such peace in the Lord right now. I know that whatever the outcome of the trials in my life are, He is in control. Technically all I need to do is continue to praise Him, pray to Him and Rest in Him.

    Isn’t that what he wants from us?

    Makes no sense to stress over stuff that He is doing for a reason. It was hard to release all the stuff to Him but once I did my life has never been better.

    It is like I decided to stop playing tug of war with myself running to each end of the rope, getting no where. Instead I ask Him to do His will with me and direct me where He wants me.

    Send me your blessings Lord and I will cry your name out to the world!!

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