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An Aisle, an Altar, and a Hymn

In Marriage on Monday, April 6, 2009 at 9:30 pm

It’s wedding time.  Here you are, in all your glorious beauty, ready to walk down the aisle to your knight…the man who chose you, the man of your dreams.

You walk down the aisle, meet your man at the altar, and then everyone sings a hymn.

And that man of your dreams…..he’s just perfect!  Well, he’s ALMOST perfect.  Except for the back hair, and those goofy jokes, and those silly looking jeans he loves, his sometimes gruff manner, and his lack of Bible reading,  and the_________, and the___________. 

And it begins.  The aisle, altar and hymn, turn into….. “I’ll alter him”!  And we work and work at it, sometimes for years!

We have an image in our minds of what we want our husbands to be like…that perfect man that looks and thinks like we think he should look and think. 

Those preconceived ideas can make it really hard on our man.  After all, he’s not really supposed to be made in OUR image, nor does he want to be.  (Do we really want him to be like us??)

He was created in God’s image, yet still incomplete. God made him to be a man and he is still human. 

Maybe we should start adapting to him and loving him the way he is….not as we want him to be.  And the changes?  I’ve found that God does a lot better job than I do! 

May all my veiled “suggestions” and “encouragements” be silenced into quiet, uplifting prayers for my knight, the man who chose me, the man of  my dreams.




  1. Wow! Thanks for all your posts! You are ALL so encouraging and such an awesome example! I am SO thankful that God brought you into our lives.

  2. GOOD word! I need to work on not making “suggestions” as often as I do…stupid ‘good intentions’. 😉

  3. I’ve learned that it’s better to just let people be who they are. It’s so much easier…

  4. Thanks!

  5. Keeping ones mouth shut is so much easier said then done. ESPECIALLY, when decisions are made for the whole that one half of the whole, whole heartedly disagrees with.

    Reading this. I get those warm fuzzies like….yes I can do that. Then he comes home and makes changes and announcements and my mouth flies open!

    Then ,as I’m getting in bed thinking, ugh if I could just be quiet he says….You know, sometimes it would be nice if you would just keep your negative thoughts to yourself! UGH! Or as he’s walking out the door. “Trust me, can you just do that. Trust me?” Then, I think Okay, I totally stink.

  6. I love my Man’s dirty socks on the floor – I see them and tell myself – I am glad he is home every night to throw them there….and there isnt anyone else whose socks I would rather pick up. Its all in how I choose to see it – not if he picks them up or not. Happiness is a choice and I love to choose him every morning!


  7. I love you!!!

    I was blessed and chosen by a wonderful man that loves me when I am mean, nice, fat, slim, healthy or sick. He is the man of my dreams!! (even if he does leave the closet door open sometimes. LOL)

    I totally love Jennifer’s attitude! A girl after my own heart. Happiness is a choice!

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