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First, Second, Third….

In Family, Moms on Monday, March 30, 2009 at 8:31 pm

The Differences in  Your Third Pregnancy Compared to Your First


With your first suspected pregnancy you take a test before you actually miss your period and take a billion just to confirm that it’s positive.


With your third you remember a week after that you’re late and that you better take a test (maybe that will be a good excuse for how cranky and tired you are lately).


With your first . . . you plan each and every meal with organic and safe ingredients to make sure your new unborn little one is getting proper nutrition.


With your third . . . you’re just glad if you manage to get food on the table for your family and scarf down whatever leftover PB & J’s or mac n’ cheese your kids left for you.


With your first . . . you read every pregnancy book you can get your hands on, spending every waking moment  thinking about being pregnant and having a new baby.


With your third . . . you forget you’re pregnant amidst the wiping runny noses and dirty bottoms, cleaning, laundry, playing, schooling, cuddling just until you have time to run to the toilet and puke up that last food you managed to scarf down and then get right back to the hard business of being a wife and Mommy.


TheFirst . . . you call the Dr. and schedule an appointment the day you find out you’re pregnant and wait in anxiety until that day because it seems so far away.


Third . . . you forget to schedule an appointment, and when you finally call they want to see you that week, “Can you come tomorrow?”


First . . . you take your time getting properly groomed and arrive at your appointment early in time to sit down and relax before you go into the examination room.


Third . . . shower?  I had one of those last week when I decided not to nap during my kids’ naptime.  I’m clean enough.  Relax?  I’m just trying to keep my kids from jumping off the walls in the waiting room.


First . . . you try not to get uncomfortable and nauseated and pass out during your exam and lab work.


Third . . . you’re just trying to keep your kids at the head of the exam bed and tell them you’ll explain later why Mommy has to wear a sheet only.  In the lab you’re just trying to keep them away from playing with the needles while keeping one arm totally still – that takes major skills!


Though the differences are vast.  I still treasure each one of my little ones just the same.  It’s just nice to know I can relax a little more with my third.  I feel I’ve stepped into the veteran mom status just a bit more.   Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.


What else can you think of that changes with each consecutive pregnancy or childbirth?




(who is expecting Baby Simms #3 around Nov. 6, 2009)

  1. Yay! I’m so excited about Simms baby #3!!

    p.s.- you still read pregnancy books, just not EVERY book!

  2. You crack me up!

    Okay–so next time call me and I’ll watch the boys when you have your OB appointment. I was stressed just reading it! 😉

    My third pregnancy was my best~~~easiest delivery! One push and he was out!! And he was my biggest! Oh, if they all could be that easy. I think by number three I was way more relaxed and by number four I knew how fast it would go, how much I would miss feeling the baby grow inside, and so I treasured and pondered my pregnancy more.

    My first pregnancy I recorded EVERYTHING!!!! I wrote in a journal EVERYDAY. I wrote long prayers. By number 4 the poor child still doesn’t have a pregnancy journal or a baby book.

    My first I cleaned. I had a really clean house all the time. By the third and fourth. Clean is defined as you can walk into the living room and down the hall without tripping. Yep, that’s a good day.

    OH and don’t forget the NAPS!!! With my first I took naps ALL the time. Glorious uninterrupted peaceful naps! By number three and four naps just didn’t happen.

    Oh, I’ve got another one. Jonathan HELPED with EVERYTHING my first pregnancy. He wouldn’t let me carry the groceries in, threw a fit when I started painting the living room, and then when the baby was born he was up with me helping every night. In all fairness, he spoiled me rotten. By number four….let’s just say I was on my own carrying the groceries and he only did night shifts Friday nights. 🙂

  3. My first…searched HIGH and LOW for the PERFECT bedding, stroller, carseat, etc…
    By the fourth…email some friends and see who has what available to loan or bring the old stuff down from the attic and wipe it down with some Clorox wipes!

    First… come home from work and take a great nap. Sleep in on Saturdays.
    By the fourth…yeah, no naps.

    First… Walk the mall to try start contractions.
    By the fourth… Just giving the kids a bath brought on contractions.

    First…enroll in every class the hospital offers.
    By the fourth… who has the time!

  4. I think with the 3rd our boys will get to go though it with us=)

  5. These are all so true. Both the pregnancy comments and the parenting comments. I can’t wait to hear you tell your story throughout this adventure!

    I am so glad that I have no uterus. 🙂

  6. My third, the nurse came in and was messing with my drip – not my first rodeo – so I ask her what she is doing and that I think she just turned DOWN my Pitocin (have no idea about spelling).

    She told me that I have such easy, predictable labor/deliveries that the doctor didnt want me to go too fast because he wanted to just zip over here on his lunch hour…I KID YOU NOT….

    Like I was there to make HIS life easier….

    But I did, and he was right, one minute a 4 and the next second a 10 and no labor pains – a push and we met William.

    The only difference with this one as opposed to the other 2 was that at about 6 months of pg, I was done…it wasnt fun anymore and I wanted to meet my new little person!

    Precious – PRECIOUS post!

  7. First….boiled everything! …including pacifier everytime it hit the floor.

    Third….wiped off the pacifier on my clothes

    Sixth….let them cry

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