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A Love Story

In Lifestyle, Moms on Thursday, March 5, 2009 at 12:49 am

I love having my kids home with me and doing fun art projects. I don’t love when one of them disobeys and picks up a whole pint of yellow tempera paint and drops it on the floor splashing it up on walls and leaving a saturated pool of yellow paint in the carpet!
I love that when a certain child drops this whole pint of paint that I can call Mimi Meadows sobbing and she comes and helps me clean and saves her poor grandson from being killed. I don’t love that after 3 hours of working on this yellow stain that it still remains a huge yellow stain resembling a pool of dog urine right in the middle of the floor!
I love that after giving up and letting it sit for three weeks that this certain product Clorox Oxi Magic catches my eye at Crest and gives me one last hope for my pee-stained-looking floor. And after scrubbing it in and having it work I love it even more!
I don’t love that I forgot to vacuum it right after cleaning the floor like the instructions said (I didn’t get the point of that anyway – at the time) and when I go to vacuum a few days later I think my vacuum has exploded because Clorox Oxi Magic dust is flying all around. Oops. Hope those fumes didn’t mess with me too much. I think I’m still normal.

Do you have a favorite cleaning product? Or a paint disaster story?






  1. Oh you poor thing! I have lovely red acrylic paint on my carpet. A little person thought it would be fun to dump it on my sewing table, my chair, the floor. The funny things is, I can’t even remember who did it now.

    I love Shout. It worked on getting the red paint out of the carpet. Its still slightly pink though. But Shout gets pretty much anything out of clothes. Its my fave.

  2. FOLEX! Hands-down. You can buy it in a huge gallon at Home Depot/Lowe’s and it gets out EVERYTHING. I swear by it…but I’m interested in this Clorox stuff now, too!

  3. You crack me up! Can Mimi come live by me and save my kids when I go crazy? I guess that’s what texting is for 😉

    Favorite cleaner…………ta da……are you ready? Mr. Clean erasers! They take everything off the walls. Jonathan discovered them a couple of weeks ago. He has become obsessed with Mr. Clean erasers, buys them We might be starving but by-golly we will have clean walls!

    I’m a nerd! But a happy one! haha!

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