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Stay Home….Do Family

In Homeschooling, Moms on Sunday, February 22, 2009 at 9:44 pm

For many years I have been very protective of my time.   I rarely plan things on Saturday, especially, because that’s my day with my husband.  Even if we’re not together all day because of our tasks, I still make myself available to him.  I think he notices it.  I know he appreciates it.


I am protective of our school hours too.  The myriad of activities, opportunities, and requests has to be sifted through, and carefully considered, or our time could be spent doing everything and anything else besides education.


Now, our last children at home, boys, are 16 and 14.  Our time together is running short before they head out on their own.   I’m making sure that I don’t fill my days and weekends with extra activities, even though my guys are perfectly capable of caring for themselves.  I want to be available to them and to the many friends they have coming to our home. 


So, if you don’t see me at functions, or if I turn you down when you ask me to keep your children, or if I ask to meet with you another time, it’s probably because I’m at home, doing life and family. 


It’s my calling…it’s what I do.


Maybe your life is different.


Are you protective of your time? 


Is it difficult for you to turn down requests and activity opportunities? 




  1. I knew that Panera morning was precious time. Didn’t I say it was precious? You are an amazing woman. Just this afternoon I reworked our general school schedule and realized I need to guard those few hours we have together in the morning on Monday through Thursday. I am learning to prioritize my time with my family a lot better, and am thankful for your encouraging post.

  2. Thanks to this certain great mentor, and me obeying God, this is now what I do too. What first happened as obedience turned into desire. There’s nothing I’d rather do than spend time with my guys!

    I used to not understand why you were like this, but I so respect it and follow it now!

  3. I try! And I can definitely see that it is getting harder. 4 kids each with their own sport=lots of time, even when you limit! I’m much better at it with the school hours. Not so much with the weekend activities. But at least we are all usually doing them together.

  4. I am very protective of my time. When I finally leave my family and go off by myself I try to make the most of it! I always try and plan my appointments for when the kids are busy.

    I never make plans on the weekends with girlfriends. Those are the days that I spend with my family.

    As far as turning down opportunities, I learned long ago to say no. I use to always say yes. Then stress about it and feel quilty for leaving to do it, and not enjoy doing it because I would rather be home. 🙂

  5. Oh, we’re talking about being-away-from-family time? I’m stuck over here in my we-have-too-much-going-on-INSIDE-our-family land. Which can be just as bad. Not having enough downtime together.

  6. I’m really glad this is what you do. And I’m really glad you’re GREAT at it. Just look at what you’ve done to all your daughters… I think every one of us feel the same calling!

  7. I’ve become increasingly protective of my time ever since Andrew and the girls came into my life. A lot of my single friends don’t really understand that, but I’m learning more and more every day that family must come first, and it doesn’t just happen naturally all the time.

    I’ve noticed that the more intentional I am about guarding my time with Andrew and the girls, the more we all enjoy being together, which just makes it that much sweeter. 🙂

  8. 🙂 This makes me smile. You are such a teasure!

  9. I won’t get my feelings hurt if you won’t either! I think saying “no” to things outside of your family is healthy and important. A must in today’s rush-around society. Thanks for the encouragement~we want God’s best for our family and want our girls to be each other’s best friends!

  10. I used to never say no to things. Now I say it a lot!

    Thank you for teaching me so much. I love spending time with my hot husband and sweet boys.

  11. I always want to be home. The best compliment is when my husband says that he just wants to be home with us or that its his favorite place to be. I work hard on it being a good place for all of us – all of us together – the kids are never in their rooms doing other things. They seem to really enjoy us all being together.

    Saying NO is a gift. I have learned to tell someone I need to check calendar, husband, whatever and that I would call them back with an answer. If I dont want to do it or it conflicts, I call back immediately and say No or yes, if I want too – I dont leave anyone hanging 🙂

  12. In the past, I’ve struggled setting boundaries. But, the older I become, the more protective I become of my time with my family. My struggle is that I feel that I’m missing out on building great relationships with other couples/families, because we ARE so protective of our family time together. Really need to find that balance!

  13. I am protective of our time. When Chris is home, I rarely make plans away from the family. I just like it that way. He does, too.

    When I meet with people, I try to do it during the day when the boys are in school. I am definitely “off” when they walk through the door at the end of the school day. I’m their momma and they need me.

  14. I LOVE this. It spoke to me. I think because mine are still only 4 and two I tend to take it for granted that they won’t be with us forever. And I fill my days and weeks things just for the sake of feeling busy. When I need to say no more and just be with my kids. Playing on the floor in their rooms with them…..doing life.

    Thank you.

  15. We have tried to be more purposeful in protecting our time. Good reminder.

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