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Make No Mistake

In Uncategorized on Tuesday, February 17, 2009 at 9:52 pm

Observing my kids through the years in their academic education I noticed they hated to make mistakes. Many times some of them would go off in a huff because of missing a math problem or not spelling something correctly. In fact, you could almost be assured that they would be affected for a little while after making a mistake.


In the business world I think it is just the same. A business makes a mistake in buying or selling or maybe making a hiring mistake. It affects that business.


Why do I bring this up? The pressure to be right and the self-imposed disposition for everything to go smoothly and easily has caused us as a society to become fearful of taking risks. But, I’ve found that those mistakes are some of the greatest lessons in my life. My favorite reading is self help books and character quality building books and without exception making mistakes and learning from those mistakes and overcoming the fear of risk is common in all of them.


Personally has fear or failure ever caused you to withdraw from an activity that might have grown you?  Overcoming our fears and being willing to make mistakes can either push us forward or hold us back. I want to move forward.


Are you a risk taker? Does the fear of risk freeze your progress? What are some ideas and methods you have found to overcome fear?





  1. ahem… yes, and yes! 😉

    Fear of failure… yes. I think there is also a fear of success that threatens me. (Don’t ask me why success would scare me.)

    I’m starting to realize that fear is stupid and only holds me back. God has called me to do something. Something big in my eyes. And honestly, right now, I could care less if it succeeds or fails. Right now it’s more about obedience. And really, that’s what all our “risks” or decisions should be about….

    (BTW, where do you think we got that self imposed competitive spirit?)

  2. I think God built fear into us for a reason. Maybe just to overcome. Not sure. Scared to ask. (grin)

  3. Yes, a risk taker. Doesn’t go with my laid back I want to be comfortable personality, but I love the thrill of taking risks. Life would be so boring if we didn’t take risks. same ole, same ole. I don’t enjoy falling flat on my face, but part of taking risks!

    The only way I have been able to overcome fear is by the Word and prayer. Having truth seems to help me deal with fear the best. I used to be TERRIFIED every time Jonathan would travel. Oh my! It was horrible. What I put that man through is embarassing! I would lay awake at night and repeat the same scriptures over and over and over and over. I don’t know exactly when it happened but I realized with or without Jonathan God is going to provide. He’ll never leave or forsake me. The End. He is faithful.

    Do you think being a risk taker and one who is able to embrace change is one in the same or do you think they are totally different?

  4. I am definitely NOT a risk taker! Especially now with more responsibilities with a family. Somewhere inside me, I feel I could be more successful if I would take some risks (especially career-wise)…but just the fear of the uncertain scares me to death!

  5. I wish I was more of a risk taker. I really don’t take any at all.

    Sometimes I wonder what I have missed out on by not jumping out there and doing it.

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