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Cake for Dinner!

In Recipes on Monday, February 16, 2009 at 10:15 pm

 Oh yes, we have cake for dinner at least twice a month.  What, you say?  Has Erin finally fallen off the wagon of healthy eating?  No worries!  These cakes are loaded with fiber, vegetables and are  well-rounded in nutrition to allow you the pleasure of cake for dinner.


For meat based cakes I use about 1 lb. of raw meat with some shredded or chopped veggies (done in the food processor).  For veggie based,  about 3 – 4 cups veggies.


You use two add-ins:

 1.  Dump in a handful of oatmeal or a slice or two of double-the-fiber bread in the food processor along with the veggies and/or meat.  Or add whole grain flour to the mix until you reach desired consistency. 


2.  Mix with a couple of eggs


You want to scoop out a large dollop on griddle or skillet that has been sprayed with non-stick spray.  Flatten to about a ½” and lightly fry on each side.  (About 3 min. each side – or ’til cooked through, as in the case of meat).


Cheese is an optional add-in and can even be added on top after flipping (this is what we do here on part of the batch of cakes since cheese is usually not an indulgence I allow myself, but all my guys love.)


Our favorite cakes are zucchini (just shredded zucchini w/ a little onion mixed with the egg and flour), confetti veggie cakes (pictured) (shredded potato, carrots, squash, onion, peppers – whatever else I have on hand! with egg and flour), tuna cakes (canned, drained tuna with various veggies, bread crumbs and eggs), and turkey cakes (ground turkey, various veggies, bread crumbs and eggs).  (The turkey ones are great on the grill as well! – Form into patties as you would a hamburger).


Have you ever made cakes for dinner?  I think your kids would like the sound of it at least!  They may even ask for syrup on them like our little Will!  😉





  1. I’m totally making these and I don’t care what they say! They look YUMMY!

  2. mmmm! They look yummy! I’m going to put it on the menu for next week.

    It was great seeing you today! Thanks for hobbling over to rescue my kids. I wasn’t thinking about your ankle….I was thinking about get that phone call to the dentist done! I’m sorry!

  3. They look good! What do you serve with them?

  4. The veggie ones go with a meat main dish like fish, chicken, steak.

    The meat ones are the main dish and I serve them with a potato-type side and/or a veggie-type side.

  5. These sound great and I’m going to try it out here at home, too! Thanks for the idea.

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