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The Code of Conduct

In Lifestyle on Thursday, February 5, 2009 at 10:03 pm

Have you ever held a door open for a stranger in a public place who has said, “Chivalry is not dead!”  Or have you ever read about the chivalrous knights of the Middle Ages?  Have you ever wondered what makes a knight chivalrous, or what exactly the word even means?


Chivalry is derived from the French word cheval.  In the Middle Ages, chivalry was “the code of conduct for the nobility and the knights.”  This code stresses the good qualities of a person:  strength, courage, loyalty, courtesy, spirited bold or a well-mannered person. 


Not long ago chivalry was a concept largely ignored.  Men thought that a quality like courtesy simply wasn’t “manly” enough.  Though, in the 21st century, some people have realized that the world needs a code of conduct.  And people are realizing that anyone-men and women, teachers and coaches, students and soldiers, doctors and athletes-any one of us can be a knight in shining armor.  And every one of us should be.


So in today’s world, you can see that chivalry is, in fact, not dead.  Some people are still courteous, spirited and bold.  Many people are still very well mannered.  So next time you’re in public, hold a door open for someone, use the words please and thank you.  And more than that, help bring chivalry back into our modern, everyday life. 


Do you think chivalry is dead?




  1. It might not be dead, but it is hard to find. I’m so glad you are an influence in my boys’ life because this is something I’m trying to teach them even at a young age.

  2. No, but I think many people choose to ignore it because it isn’t “cool.” You can find chivalry in many adults, but it’s really hard to find in people your age and mine. Great words Jacob!

  3. Chivalry is hard to find, epically in young men like yourself, because it is often seen as un-cool to be kind. And the spirited part? Well, it’s not very PC to be spirited, you might step on someone toes. But it is something that our society defiantly more of. It’s encouraging to see you take a stand for chivalry because I think that a lot of chivalry is born out of maturity. It’s only when we don’t know better that we behave in a way that isn’t courteous and honorable. Maturity is a cornerstone to right action.

  4. Wow! Great post! I don’t think it is dead, but hard to find. I’m with Erin, this is something we are trying to teach our boys.

  5. awesome post, jacob! chivalry is not dead (thank God), but it can be hard to find. 🙂

  6. Great words Jacob!! I agree and think chivalry is very hard to find in young people – kind of like manners. I also think it is hard to find when I see alot of disrespect among young people whether it is b/c it is not cool, that it is not taught at home or it is what they see at home. Where are the ‘old school’ charm schools or ‘miss manners’? I wish people could practice the Golden Rule – just to treat others as they would like to be treated. Maybe we should bring the US Marines to Switch!!

  7. Great Post Jacob!!

    I love it when my husband opens doors for me and other things.

    I also have a friend that met her husband because she was walking into a building and he opened the door for her. He also took the platter she was carrying. She had never met him before but she often tells me that that was when she knew he was the “one”.

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