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Attitudes: Openness

In Uncategorized on Tuesday, February 3, 2009 at 9:48 pm

Being a good father takes change like it does to become a Christ-follower. We are born without righteousness and without what it takes to become a model to others. But through Christ we can be redeemed and set on a course to be one of His workmen. If you look at yourself in a mirror and ask, “What in the world am I doing here,” what would you answer?


Surely you weren’t put here just to indulge in the world’s treasures. That’s what an animal does. We have another dimension that can’t be filled with “things.” It has to be filled with a connection of purpose. I say connection because we are void without that connection to God our maker.


Have you ever known someone who lost connection with his or her father, mother or sibling? The hurt and pain inside of them not having that exchange of love and understanding is excruciating. This is how it is if we don’t find or we reject that God is calling us. It’s a void that we try to fill with all sorts of things. If and when we do hear God calling us we have to be open and accepting.


Openness is an attitude that we have to have to follow God and His calling. As a father (or a mother) I think openness is one of the hardest attitudes to have and keep but it is essential to having a healthy Godly life. We, as fathers  are models to others and a representation of God to our earthly kids. Openness helps us adapt to all the training in righteousness we need in order to be able to answer that next question, “what am I going to do about being here?”


Are you an open person…come on be honest….truly open to learning from different places and sources?  Are you still learning?


More to come on attitudes. Think about, “what you’re going to do about being here.”




  1. Diggin’ the testosterone at the manymeadows blog. Go Dirk! Love the post. Thanks for the reminder to stay open.

  2. Yes Dirk I am open to a fault. Gosh I am even willing to share my deepest thoughts on someones blog : ) Life gives us little lessons all the time and I seem to always be seeking meaning.

    Now open with my son? That is not problem with the easy with some stuff–Love God, Love your Mother, be kind to others. I am still working up the courage for the big stuff. You know “the talk”. I am currently planning an overnight hike and campout with him as a father-son vision quest next month. I would like a post as what you have done with your sons when talking about girls. Now that would be a great post!

  3. Check out Jenn’s blog at “My Beautiful Mess”, especially the “dad memories” category. But also the post she has up right now called: “Oh How I Love This Boy” about her youngest. There’s a sentence in there that just blows me away:”Until I ask him the name of the boy sitting next to him at school and he says “That’s so-and-so. He’s not my friend; he doesn’t make good choices.” We need to show love to everyone, sweetie.” Now, I know shes referring to the “He’s not my friend” portion of the sentence. But the “he doesn’t make good choices” part just set me back on heels. Dang 5 year old aliens and their openness. Not to mention alien upbringing…(grin)

  4. This confirms my opinion even more so that you should write a book!

    I really don’t know if I am “open”. I’ll have to think on it. I’d like to think I am….but then there is that sin nature that I like to be comfortable. So at point am I willing to follow His calling past comfortable—not sure. In some areas I passed comfortable a long time ago, others I am holding on tightly to what is familiar.

  5. I’m “open” to learning and growing as long as I don’t feel like someone is forcing it down my throat (even if they are doing so ‘out of love’). I love advice, unless it is unsolicited. Essentially, I like to be open on my own terms. Which probably means I’m not truly ‘open’, huh? 😉 haha.

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