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In Uncategorized on Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 9:51 pm

Hope we haven’t overwhelmed you with too much talk of Heritage this week.  It’s a passion and we enjoy sharing it.   Look for  Dirk to be back next week with more on Fathering and attitudes.


Erin has started her own daily blog, Our Life is School”,  but she’s promised to stick around here too.  Catch her daily work and play with her family and enjoy seeing the activities she does with her two little men.


Kody is currently taking a class on music innovation from The Colleys at Sunday Recording in Oklahoma City.  Before he’s finished he is to write and record a song!  He’s really enjoying the class.  Contact the Colley’s if you’re interested in having your kiddo attend one of their classes.


Brad and Ali bought a home in Edmond!  They will be leaving the ManyMeadows compound  in a couple of weeks.  We’ll miss seeing those precious girls each day…oh, and Brad and Ali too. J


We had our first family gathering Thursday night to discuss the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.  We’re considering forming a corporation for the family.  More to come on that. 


Work continues on our bedroom remodel.  Do you have any idea how much dirt is underneath your carpet?  Whew!  Glad to have it out of there. The new floor is next on the list.    We’re considering doing the stained concrete ourselves this time. (we have it in most of our house).  Anyone have experience with that? 


Have any great weekend plans?  Involved in any remodeling of your own?





  1. We are going on a date night tonight. Woo-hoo!
    We do have some remodeling to do. A wall to fix and a shower that needs re-tiling. I’m not sure it will get done this weekend though.
    And my mother-in-law bought us a magazine subscription for Christmas, it’s called Family Fun and we are going to do some of the fun projects in it this weekend, like making a life sized paper doll.
    We’ll go to church Sunday morning.Then my Steelers are playing in a small thing called the Super Bowl. Looking forward to that! That’s about it!

  2. I am going to start packing!!

  3. sounds like you guys have all been super busy! this weekend my family is getting together in edmond to celebrate mine and my brother birthdays, which are both next week. i can’t wait to see everyone, make cupcakes, and run around with my nieces. =)

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