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Heritage: It’s Life

In Heritage on Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 10:48 pm

In our family whenever the word heritage was brought up it always made me and my brothers and sisters roll our eyes, groan and take a comfortable seat because we knew we would be getting a lecture. Our dad would spend the next hour trying to teach us why we read our Bibles everyday or why should prefer others.

Looking back I am thankful for what my parents taught me. Being out in the world has shown me that I am different than other students or other employees and I owe that all to the up bringing that my parents worked so hard to keep strong and pure.

I don’t have a great memory. When my siblings tell stories I often have a vague memory. This story however, will be in my thoughts forever. It is a great example of how our dad felt so strongly about raising us with values.

When I was little I was sort of a mischievous little girl. I often did things I knew I shouldn’t and then would deny them if I was asked about it later. One afternoon my sister, Ali came down from her room (which was strictly forbidden to me) saying that someone had been in her stuff (she had a fiber optic flower display that I liked to turn on and look at). Of course, Dad comes right to me asking if I had been in her room.

I could have said that I had not been there. In my mind it was going to save me from being disciplined. But I decided to tell the truth. I had been in my sister’s room I told my dad, just as he had expected. His reaction however, was not what I expected. He stood up with a huge smile on his face, took me by the hand to his room and gave me a piece of candy from his personal stash (big mistake Dad. From then on I knew where your stash was! 😉

He told me how proud he was of me for telling the truth and that it didn’t matter as much that I had been in my sister’s room but he was just so glad I didn’t choose to lie.

This memory will always be with me. My dad knew I had a problem with telling the truth, so when I did he rewarded me greatly. This was one of many turning points in my life when I realized I was in charge of who I was, that I made the choices that affected my life and I wanted to start making the right ones. I owe these realizations to my parents and I will always be grateful for them.

My parents taught me that the life I decide to live not only affects me, but it also affects the generations that will come after me. And that is heritage.

Do you remember a turning point in your life that still affects you for good today?

n44013499_32211367_8695 Katie

  1. I must really have a memory problem! I don’t remember this exact time, I just remember how you always bothered me! Haha

    Check out my blog today-

  2. Funny…after reading about the Meadows blog on heritage this week. Our Homebuilders Class topic was on heritage today. It is amazing how little time we have when you look at the big picture in raising our children.

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