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Heritage: Heir to Heir

In Heritage on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 11:31 pm

Heritage, simply put is “practices that are handed down from the past from heir to heir.”


If you are like me I want those practices to be constructive and profitable. I want this for my family but I want our heritage to touch others in the most effective and efficient ways.


God has put on my heart to try to help people not to see through a tunnel when they make decisions but to see a much bigger picture. Namely, decisions made today that might affect your family many years in the future.


For example: your approach to success may be that job or career. But what if that career proves to tear your family apart? Oppositely, an at-peace, fulfilled person can have such a dynamic effect in his or her life that it can virtually change everything around them.


Other examples can be found in God leading a family to a certain calling. Many times our kids might not understand why we do what we do. They have to be communicated to in a way that is acceptable to them even though they may not be on board all the way. Too many times parents let their kids steer the direction of the family just to get along but that can have a negative impact on the family many years in the future. Can I say it might even lead to the death of a family unit? 


Always remember the choices you make today will impact your life today, but how will those choices impact you and your family 25, 50 or 100 years from now?

We are building heritage within our lives for good or bad. How do you want it?


Share with us what you are doing today that just might have an impact on your family many years from now.





  1. Tithing and giving beyond the tithe is a big one for us. And, we talk to our children about it. Whenever they are given money, albeit small, they now set aside money for tithes, and for giving to the poor. The rest is theirs to save or spend. Who knows how many will be blessed by their giving as they grow and pass these things down to their own children.

  2. For us, we keep our minds on a global perspective. We have a motto in our hallway “Kingdom Minded” We try to help train our kids to think beyond their own city. Who knows, maybe one of them will be a missionary! (yikes…I’ll try not to cry!)

  3. I love it!! Has your family gone thru Family Vision weekend by chance? I want to talk to you two big time! I know where I’ll find you most weekends 🙂

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