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The “H” Word

In Heritage on Sunday, January 18, 2009 at 9:34 pm

I remember it all too well.  We had just finished our family book reports, and all seven of us kids wanted to hurry up and watch Saved by the Bell Finale (which we had recorded on the VCR since it played during the boring book reports.)  Then Dad started talking.  We sat on the living room floor as he began to share from his heart.  It was then that he said it.  The word none of us hoped would come up.  The “H” word.  Heritage.

“NOOooooo!  Now we’re never going to get to watch our show!”— Those were the thoughts that passed through my head that evening.  Any time dad started talking about the “H” word, you were sure to be there for a while.  Of course I was only eight at the time and didn’t understand why the “H” word was so vitally important.

Heritage.  It is one of our family’s core values.  The passing down of values and teachings from generation to generation.

Our parents began to talk to us about heritage ever since I can remember.  My mom comes from a long line of Christ-followers, but my dad is a first generation believer, a curse breaker who settled in his heart long before he had children that he would lead his family to be lovers of God.  It was the basis of all we did.  It was why we homeschooled, why we lived in the country on a large piece of land—in the middle of nowhere.  It was why we raised chickens, and planted gardens, and learned how to feed ourselves from God’s Word more than anything else. 

You may call it weird, Amish, or even Little House on the Prairie, but I call it Heritage.  The values and standards I learned during that time of my life are now leading me as I attempt to put my own stamp on the world:   How to get along with others, doing everything with excellence, leading out of love—those are just a few of the things that are now hard-wired into each one of us.  Not because we took a class on them, but because we lived them, everyday of our lives, as our parents patiently passed them down by simply modeling what it could look like. 

That is Heritage.   The daunting “H” word that now, I plan on passing to my own family some day. 

What type of heritage do you want to leave for your family?  Now is the time to start!





  1. This makes my heart so happy! I pray that our boys will grow up and want to live on our land someday. What a blessing to have a family like yours. Thanks for letting us be apart of it.

  2. that’s awesome. i don’t believe that it’s amish or house on the prairie. i not only think it’s heritage, i believe it’s love. i also am a first generation Christian married to a man that comes from a long line of Christ followers. the curse breaker. i want nothing more than to show my children the love of God and how to love God!

  3. I can’t imagine something more important than passing on heritage. I was blessed to come from two long lines of faith. I hope that this time of preparation for me will lead to a stronger heritage for my family!

  4. Anna, you are a great writer!

    Heritage—I pray we pass down a love for the Lord, obedience to His word, and a dying to self. Also, a commitment to family in a heathly sort of way. I tend to think more on things I don’t want to pass down to my children. Like dysfunction and addicition.

  5. Saved by the Bell…That is such a flash from the past.

    Just think what this heritage teaching is helping you pass down to the switch kids. It effects them in ways you may never know.


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