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Pretty Princess

In Uncategorized on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 at 9:44 pm

Lily (Ali’s daughter) recently turned 4 and asked me to make her a “pink princess cake” for her party. So how did I turn THIS 02princessbatter1 and THIS 13princessbags into THIS? 18princesscake


 Come on over to my cake/bookmaking blog and see the steps that transformed batter into a pretty princess.

(And if you don’t want to follow the steps yourself but you still want to impress the people at your party, I’d be happy to make one for your little princess.) 🙂19princesscake

I should note that “Boys will be boys”. As I carried the cake into Lily’s party, nephew Will asked, “Is that Lily’s princess cake?” When I said that it was, he responded (with a sly twinkle in his eye), “I’m gonna eat her head off!” (such a boy thing to say!) So, we let him have a bite to prove that Princess’s head was plastic, not cake.


Did you have memorable cakes when you were a child? Do you make birthday cakes for your loved ones?



  1. Oh, Abbi, this brings back memories. My first birthday party was in first grade. My mom made a birthday cake and brought it to school. I was so pleased! But the boys may have even been a bit more pleased!

    You see, my mom had made a Barbie cake similar to this one (how I wish we had a picture of that cake from over 45 years ago! Yes..I am old!) She had taken my Barbie doll and put it in an orange juice can in the middle of an angel food cake and then frosted and decorated around it.

    All the work and the “beauty” of it, however, was lost on the boys…you see, they were anxious to (oh no) eat the skirt off! As you said, boys will be boys! And they were curious 6 yr olds! Ha!

    Anyway…know that when that sweet girl is in her 50’s (!) she will likely still remember her princess cake! Another
    Meadows Memory!


  2. Awww! Lily looks adorable. The cake is beautiful! Happy Birthday Lily!

    What kind of mixer are you using in the above picture? My mixer is on the blitz and I am shopping around for one.

    I am practicing (this weekend) making a volcano cake for Seth for his birthday in a little over a week. Any tips? I can’t tell from the directions if the volcano is suppose to just look like a volcano or if I am suppose to make it “act” like a volcano.

    It might end up looking like a big brown blob! 🙂

    ****My mom made my cake every year. She made a mean chocolate cake. Good times! Good memories!****

  3. Patti: That’s so special that your mom brought it to school! Oh, my! What a funny story. Yes, boys will be boys. 🙂

    Donna: That’s my trusty old (literally) Sunbeam stand mixer. It’s AMAZING…they don’t make new ones anymore, but you can still find them on ebay. That’s where this one came from…I used my first one so much I eventually burnt up the motor! I’ve registered for a Kitchenaid one for our wedding, but I may keep it in the box til my Sunbeam dies!

    I definitely wouldn’t do the whole baking soda/vinegar volcano thing on a cake…it would make it taste awful! But you could decorate the cake to look like a volcano and then use chocolate sauce or strawberry jelly or something like that as ‘lava’ and have it run down the sides…another idea would be doing individual-sized molten chocolate cakes where the gooey stuff is inside the cake. And if it does look like a ‘blob’, I’m sure your son will gobble it up anyway. 🙂

  4. Still Love the Cake!!!! 🙂

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