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In Lifestyle, Uncategorized on Tuesday, January 6, 2009 at 10:17 pm

Here are a couple of ways we try to stay on the healthy eating, weight loss goal.


Hungry Girl Cookbooktn

I recently got the new Hungry Girl cookbook and have tried a few of the recipes.

The thing I like about her cookbook is that it’s “normal food” (those of you who have been on diets before know what I’m talking about.) There is even a chapter called”Guy Food Rocks”. 

Come back tomorrow and I’ll share a couple of recipes from it! 







 You can sign up for Hungry Girl’s daily newsletter for tips and recipes: Hungry Girl newsletter 

One of our favorite recipe sites is at Health   This is their Boot Camp Buddies forum for Weight Watchers.  (Not the easiest forum to use, but loads of recipes).  Scroll down to the recipe section and you’ll find all sorts of recipe categories.  Click on any of the links.  Now scroll all the way to the bottom of the new page.  In the “Display Options” box, click on the drop down menu “from the” and choose “beginning” and then “show thread”.  You should now have many pages of recipes to choose from! Remember to do this each time you open a new page. It’s worth the effort…I promise!

Also, find Abbi and Ali over at Abbi’s new blog The Bod Squad.  Those girls will help you stay focused on your health and losing those unwanted pounds.

And expect plenty of ideas and workout suggestions to come from our resident fitness expert, Erin, or as we lovingly refer to her,  “Sgt. Simms”.





What are your healthy eating or weight loss helps?

  1. Hungry Girl is coming out with a new cookbook later this spring. 200 recipes that are 200 calories or less!

    I am still doing weight watchers. I am 4 pounds away from Lifetime weight and 7 pounds away from the 60 I wanted to lose. I weigh in today and I haven’t weighed in in 3 weeks. I don’t think I have lost but I think I have gained either. I am praying. 🙂

  2. Wow! Theresa, that is awesome! You have been working HARD!!!

    I don’t have any tips! I’ve been doing weight watchers online. I’m in the process of giving up Dr. Pepper—-not so much for weight loss, just hurts too much to drink it.

    I listen to Erin—she has great tips. 🙂

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