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Many Goals

In Uncategorized on Sunday, January 4, 2009 at 10:06 pm

If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.

Our 2009 Goals:

Dirk’s goals

·        Complete the remodel of our bedroom/bathroom

·        Start the extension of our dining room and new den

·        Explore the possibility of incorporating for some business opportunities

·        On a personal note:  Do the Bible reading plan on You Version

Erin’s goals

·        Read the Bible in a year on You Version

·        Remember to fully stretch a few times a week

·        To start and maintain an exercise journal

Anna’s goals

I hope to…

·        Run a full marathon 26.2 miles

·        Seal the deal with the love of my life

·        Continue making my house a home

·        Move forward in my ministry as God leads me

·        Start writing the first draft of my book

·        Read through the Bible with

Robin’s goals

·        Read through the Bible using You Version’s plan

·        Exercise core muscles daily

·        Grow even more of our vegetables

Abbi’s Goals

      ·        Get married and OFFICIALLY become a  Meadows. 🙂

·        Read one new book a month (preferably in the personal development genre)

·        Get 8 hours of sleep a night

·        Stop biting my nails for good

·        Secure a teaching position in the fall

 Brad’s goals

·  Loose 20 more lbs (already lost 64)

·        Read more

·        Have more daddy dates

Ali’s goals

·        Loose 10 more lbs (already lost 34)

·        Read more

·        Get more hair clients (call me) J

(Alexander and Katie are in Europe until 1/11)




What are your 2009 goals?  Are you reading You Version?  Follow us there.

Erin – danc4god; Dirk – dmeadows; Robin – rmeadows; Anna – annameadows

  1. Welcome Back, I missed reading your blogs.

    I think I will join you reading You Version…I don’t even know what it is exactly but it sounds like a great idea.

    My goals? I have committed to leading BABES, a weight-loss challendge started by a woman in OKC, Barb Swanson. I begin on January 19th…this will challenge me in so many areas…consistency, faithfulness, follow through. Not just doing the program, but LEADING other women. I am excited and scared at the same time. It is a 12 week program.

    My goals this year: to follow God wherever He takes me. To not give in to fear. To be the first to forgive. To make Jerry wonder who took his wife and replaced her with a sane woman. To not voice my fears for my children. To forgive myself before I fall into depression. I feel this is the year to step up to the plate. I’ll let you know how I’m doing. Happy 2009 to each of you.

  2. Sounds like you are all on a good path to a great year! We did our family goals with the kids last week. Maybe I should post them on my blog??? We’ll see if I have the guts for that kind of accountability! 😉

    I would love to see your garden sometime. I didn’t know you grew your veggies. (That’s one of the things on my list to do this year.) I would really like to pick your brain sometime on this and many more topics. Do you ever have time for coffee with your ‘Many Meadows’ running around?

    God Bless and praying for a blessed year for your family!

  3. I want to read more to my kids.
    Learn more about homeschooling.
    Date my husband again.
    Spend time with Jesus everyday!

  4. Read the bible in a year….You Version
    Exercise 4 x’s a week.
    Do the little things for hubby ….like making breakfast! so hard for me.
    Become a better mom (I have specifics, just not ready to share.)
    Transfer the zillion of photographs I have in boxes to photo albums.
    Paint! I have two different watercolor ideas. Also, I want to draw a portrait of each one of my children using charcoal.

  5. Pay off all of my bills 🙂

    The usual eat-better-exercise-more blah blah

  6. I forgot to mention “Continue 2008’s goal of doing my part to preserve our environment”: reusable water bottles, cloth grocery bags, walking/biking whenever possible, etc.

    Belinda: Is that the same BABES/Barb Swanson from Victory Church? I used to go there. That is a GREAT program from what I know about it! Best of luck!!

  7. You’re back. Or as we say in the South, allayall are back. I posted my resolutions here

    But, I should Abbi’s “stop biting my nails for good.”

    I know. It’s just awful. I can’t help it. Those fingers are just comfortable there.

  8. For some reason I am suddenly feeling like I want to read through the bible-you version. 🙂

    I’m still thinkin’ on the rest of them.

  9. I love all the goals your family has
    i have a few- grow in knowledge of God and love for Him, one verse a week into memory, cont. to learn how to be a wife to Mike, run the okc memorial (and not fall in the first 5 minutes, and after the marathon begin to grow our family from 2 to 3. but most try to let Jesus direct every step even if it outside of what i believe He wants for me.

  10. Abbi,

    Yes, that is the same program…I went through it 2 cycles with Barb at Victory in OKC. I got to be there when they did the DVD taping.

    Now, I am doing one here with the DVDs in Texas. Thanks for asking. Belinda

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