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The Best Gift – Your Words

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The Best Gift—Your Words


It has no monetary value, but it will cost you everything.  It may cause you rejection, feelings of discomfort, or even embarrassment.  In fact, it may be the most challenging gift you’ve ever given.  And you may wonder why it’s such an important gift.


But it is….and it’s something that you’ll never regret giving.




This year, tell your children that you love them and that you are proud of them.  And then keep telling them.


This is absolutely the best gift you can ever give your children!  And the older they are, and if you’ve never offered it, ….the more they need to hear it from your lips.


Have any of these excuses? :

“I said it all the time when they were young.”

“Well, they already know that!  After all, I show it to them every day by providing for them.”

“It’s too late now….too many years have passed to say it now.”

“They’re just words.”

“If I tell them I’m proud of them, they may quit being challenged to do better”.


Your children may know you love them and are proud of them, it’s never too late (until it is), and they may “just be words”.  But combined with your loving actions, these are the most powerful words you’ll ever say to your children. 


Take the challenge. Say the words. It will change your kids.  It will change YOU!


Is it easy or difficult for you to say those most important words? 


We’ll revisit this topic at a later date and talk about why these words are so important and the effects their presence or absence may have in our own lives and the lives of our children.





  1. I tell them regularly. I figured if I can correct their mistakes and tell them when they are wrong. I surely can tell them when they are right or the choice they make is a good one.

    Watching you with your children helped reaffirm that what I was doing was right.

    I have also found that the more I tell them I am proud of them and I love them. The better decisions they make or so it seem. They definately aren’t perfect and they have their issues but this is one way that I have been able to break a generational curse in my family.

    Such a great post! This is a great reminder to everybody!!

  2. Words of affirmation. That’s my love language. It’s easy for me to tell my children I am proud of them.

    A great reminder to keep on keepin’ on!

  3. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that ALL my students don’t hear these words enough… If they did I’m sure we wouldn’t have the problems we have today.

    I like to hear them too… And even though I know my parents love me and are proud of me, it’s still nice to be reminded…often…

  4. Couldn’t agree more. The times I’ve heard “I’m proud of you, buddy” from my dad stick out very vividly in my mind. Some of my most cherished memories…mostly because they were seldom SAID, but rather shown through actions.

    This is one area where actions don’t necessarily speak louder than words…

  5. So true! Words of affirmation are powerful.

  6. So true! I do praise my children….but I feel I say the same “praise” over and over. Isn’t there a scripture that talks about our words being eternal? I think I read it a few weeks ago in The Message. I’ll have to go dig it up again.

    ****The only time I remember my dad saying he was proud of me was the day I graduated from college. It is the ONLY thing I remember about that day ten years later!****

  7. I understand that God give me the parents I am suppose to have..From this I am suppose to learn some lessons. Anna talks about her students and how they do not hear positive words. I am sure this is true. I was told that I was worthless, My mom has told me I was a mistake and that she should have gotten rid of me when she had the chance. My step father was no prize either. I would not amount to anything and I was dump. After hearing these things over and over….you start to believe them..and you start acting that way. I never understood why all this happen to me until I had a child. I told myself that I would not bring him up in the same enivorment that I was in…I tell my son everyday and everynight that I love him. I tell him I am proud of him even if it is something small. I do my best to give him encouragement and see the positive in things…I am proud of the teenager he has become. Every child needs to know that someone cares about them. Sometimes it is hard but the rewards when it does final kick in…..are wonderful…Praise them always…(stepping off soap box)

  8. I was wrapping an apron last night and my oldest said, “mom, I’m really proud of you.” I tell him often and it was nice to hear him learning to express that others.

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