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Fun Cooking with Kids

In Moms, Recipes on Thursday, December 11, 2008 at 8:43 pm

One thing we like to include in our activity time is cooking.  My kitchen is a place I spend a lot of my time so I enjoy including my kids in the process.  It’s been real fun finding food things they can make that go along with what we are learning in their schooling.  We have some all time favorites that I wanted to share.

Who didn’t love “ants on a log” growing up (or was that just a homeschool thing)?  We like extra long “logs” with lots of “ants”.


Pretzels and mini marshmallows make great math manipulatives for counting, addition, subtraction, etc.  or for forming shapes and objects.  Cheerios, raisins, and M & M’s work good for some of this too.


Make-your-own pizzas provide lots of creating fun!  After decorating we top with cheese.  When it melts you can still see the cute faces underneath.










Cutting and piecing together corn tortillas and then baking them make a great addition to whatever unit studies you are doing.  They are a great healthy snack too!  Check out our bats we made when we were studying about bats right before Halloween.


Another favorite is shaping or cutting out sugar cookie shapes and decorating them with icing.  I make a batch of icing and put in separate little dishes and add food coloring to make different colors.  They use paint brushes to decorate.  We will be doing these for Christmas cookies next week.

What kind of things do you like to make with your kids in the kitchen?   



  1. Erin, you’re such a fun mom. I want to come back cookies!

  2. My kids are more lick the batter kind of kids. They get that from their momma.

    I did let them make their own pizza the other night. But we didn’t make cute smiley faces! Next time. Next time.

  3. I’ve learned quite a bit from your homeschooling notes! Love them.

    The boys make shakes. Nothing educational about them but they are deeee-lish!

  4. The girls and I often cook together on the weekends. It’s been great for them ‘academically’, even though they don’t know it. 😉 Mesa is getting really good at locating page numbers and Sierra is starting to grasp fractions…and they just think we are cooking!

    I’ll have to tell you (privately) about the plan for Christmas gifts. (wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise!)

  5. **bake cookies.

    Sorry, that’s what I get for posting comments at one in the morning.

  6. Katie you can come back or bake cookies with us anytime! 😉

  7. I love the little pizza faces!!! I’m going to have to steal that idea!

    Some of my best/favorite memories with my kids are cooking with them in the kitchen!

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