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What Do You Think?

In Uncategorized on Tuesday, December 9, 2008 at 9:17 am

Apart from regular school subjects, what things do you think are 924849406_3d4b9b2253important to teach your children to prepare them for life?


Or, what things do you wish you had known more about when you became an adult?


Tell us.




  1. I can think of three.

    1. Managing Money instead of letting it manage me. (I would say I have a pretty good grasp on it now)

    2. How to read the Bible (Constantly learning how everyday)

    3. Hunting and Fishing, Survival Training. 🙂 (You never know when you may have to survive)

    By the way, I still need help on number 3 if you know anyone, I am game. (No pun intended)

  2. I like the manage money part. I did take a DECA class where we learned how to do our taxes and how to take taxes out, oh and how to write a check….They should have the Financial Peace in high school.

    I think today’s children don’t have the same respect for others. Manners would be a good thing.

    It seems that it is normal to say that you grew up in a “dysfunctional family”, it might be a good thing if there could be group counseling but have an interesting name for it

  3. COPING SKILLS!!! And whatever the opposite of entitlement is… I work in elementary schools and it seems nearly every child has this thing about entitlement and what society owes them… so teaching your kids humility would sure be nice for those of us who get to hang out with them 35 hours a week 🙂

  4. A few come to mind:

    1. How to write a Resume, fill out an application, present yourself at an interview.

    2. As Patrick said Money…Balance a checkbook, how to pay bills, understanding of interest and credit cards.

    3. How to do laundry.

    4. Simple professional phone skills so they will have the ability to make Dr. appts, talk to travel agents, make inquiries regarding bills.

    5. How to grocery shop.

    That is it for now. LOL

  5. Kara, I so agree! And along those same lines, teach responsibility. I often wonder what we are teaching our children with all of the “bail-outs” going on. So, that being said….Here are a few:

    1) Responsibility – Own your stuff – successes and failures.

    2) Compassion – Let this rule how you treat others. Where there is compassion, judgmentalism has no room.

    3) Generosity – It’s not all for you.

    4) A strong and balanced work ethic – Laziness is not Godly and neither is obsession.

    5) Commitment – When you commit to someone or something, FOLLOW THROUGH.

    6) And, above all else, let God always be enthroned in your life.

  6. Patrick – Mike can help you with #3 he went through surival training at school. Ask him – helped love 2 help ya

    I wish i had learned to cook and take care of a house. I also wish i’d learned how to handle money, and how to take care of my physical self (my body). all of these things i have learned since i was saved. – God has taught me.

    But most of all i wish i had been taken trough the bible, instead of rituals when i grew up. i knew all the right answers- i just did not know why i needed to know them.

  7. I think the biggest one is teaching them to think about what they believe and why, not just a list of rules. I think too many “good” kids fall on their face when they leave home because the foundation isn’t there. Okay, so I am speaking from personal experience! lol
    Also, I think learning about money is crucial. Also, not only teach them how to get a job but how to go through the process of hearing God’s calling on your life.

  8. The things I’m trying to instill in my children are so much different than what I learned.

    I want them to have a RELATIONSHIP with God. HUGE, I never knew what that was. Prayer is a huge deal at our house, bible reading is something amazing and fun.

    Everyday we learn integrity. Honesty is huge with me, no one was ever honest with me as a child.

    Responsibility. Respect. Loving their siblings. Work ethic. Money handling skills. How to clean up after yourself. How to read properly. A sentence does not end at the end of a line, it ends with the period! (That is a big deal with me for some reason, it hurts to hear people read in staccato and be so unattached from the words on the page.)

    There are so many more, but these are the ones that come to mind!

  9. I guess…how to get along with others. How to not take offense and also not be a door mat. There is a balance there that I see some people achieve with ease. I wish someone had taught me how to set boundaries in a healthy mature way. Not knowing, I haven’t done well equipping my children to navigate through the emotions of dealing with mean friends, dissapointments and the unfairness of life. Actually, they are doing better than I am. I recognize when I am over reacting, but I don’t know what the correct, healthy response is supposed to be. I look down and there are no tools in my toolbelt to handle these situations…so I try to learn by watching those people who I think are doing it correctly. So, if I am staring at you…it is a compliment.

  10. I’m with Dusty…honoring your commitment and taking responsibility.

    Plenty more, but those are very important.

    Oh, and we can’t forget honesty. And generosity. Heck, I could go on and on and on…

  11. relationship with the Lord
    relationship with family before friends
    loving siblings (why is this so hard?)
    holding to your promises
    being responsible
    handling money—investments—-debts

    and ****MARRIAGE***** real life marriage. Not the fairy tale stuff.

    Robin, such a deep question for such a cold day! 🙂 good stuff

  12. I just thought of another. Humility!!! I am needing it now so much.

  13. M.O.N.E.Y. M.A.N.A.G.E.M.E.N.T. !!!!!

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