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Shopping at the ER

In Uncategorized on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 10:41 am

I have an addiction.


I love shoes.


It started when my oldest sister Erin worked at Dillard’s in the shoe department. She would bring me home tons of free shoes of all different types, thus birthing my shoe addiction.


My husband is not too fond of my shoe addiction because my sister does not work at Dillard’s anymore so shoes are no longer free.


Except for my last pair:


This weekend while working in the Edmond Medical Center ER I took care of a lady who fell down ten steps, broke her nose and hit her head pretty bad. The ambulance brought her in from a wedding reception with her up-do disheveled and her panty hose torn. We fixed up her nose, gave her a pain pill and started giving her the discharge instructions when her husband came up to me, her high heels in his hands and said,


“She says she will never wear these again, and wants you to have them. If they fit you, they’re yours.”


The Circa Joan and David shoes just happened to be my size. I accepted them, laughing at the surprised looks on my co-workers faces.


Don’t worry she didn’t go home barefoot. In return I gave her some of our comfy red  hospital socks, with extra slip guard!


I guess it pays to work in health care.


Although I don’t have much of a chance to dress up, I am very excited about my new fancy shoes.


Maybe next time someone will trip on her cute boots!  🙂


Have you ever been given something under unusual circumstances?




  1. Yes. At my wife’s last birthday party someone gave my wife an envelope. When we looked in it, there was $200.00 cash. Freaked me out. (grin)

  2. I think I should borrow those, don’t ya think!

  3. Those are very cool. Be careful!

  4. Dang! Erin beat me to it. I’m next though!!

  5. that is a great story truly appreciated by a fellow shoe addict! 🙂

  6. I got to wear them last night for girls night at the movies! They are SO cute!

  7. Those are super cute!!! Just becareful going down stairs – we don’t want you to have to give the shoes away to the ER nurse that helped you – haha!!

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