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In Uncategorized on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 8:03 am

“Beware of making a habit of consistency to your convictions instead of being devoted to God.”  Oswald Chambers


What does this quote mean to you?

 How has this played out in your own life?




  1. OUCH! I think I tend to do this so much that sometimes, I see the world through those convictions. Instead of seeing God and desiring Him, I desire being right.
    I think sometimes I know so much information and facts about God that it gets in the way of knowing Him.

  2. guess what Robinn – i get it this time!!!
    i want to try to remeber my motives behind things – like serving at switch why i am there- to serve God or because it is what we do and are of habit of doing on wednesday nights?!?
    This is a good post. Thanks Robin!!

  3. I am guilty of this BIG TIME! This stood out to me as well when I read it the other day. We may not be “religious” according to the world, but any sort of habit we stick to just because it feels right is religious in itself. I have been through such a breaking of this for the last 6 months that I feel like an empty pot. I broke all things in my life that were possibly my own convictions rather than God’s and I’m being very choosy about what I’m letting back in. Wow, did it feel good to clean my vessel up . . . a ‘lil empty, but good!

  4. Robin,

    This quote reminds me of our discussion the other day on whether it can be right for a Christian to be a politician. Sometimes I find myself so caught up in my passion that I forget that it is more important for my focus to be on God rather than fixing the problems with our society. All I can do is be a tower of influence that His light can shine from. If I am focused on Him, His light will be even brighter to the world.

    Daniel did not let his convictions get in the way of his focus on God and because of his quietness the King brought him in to advise him. Pretty amazing stuff.

  5. I think it just goes back to the heart of God, he wants relationship with us. I

  6. This quote to me means that it is easy for me to say and believe that I am right…Kind of like what Hope said…..instead of putting my trust in God. How easy it is for me to tell myself what is right or what is wrong…what I should do or not do…but what I really need to do is ask God what I need to do or not do…He will give me an answer and I might like it ( my opionion) or not like ( something different)…

    Change is a scary thing but once you get your toes wet…it get’s easier.

  7. My introducrtion to Mr. Chambers work, by an amazing woman, has changed a lot of my thought procsses.

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