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In Uncategorized on Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 10:35 am

At my job (The Northwest Campus of I’m known to my co-workers as The Swiss Army Knife. Anytime something needs to get done, whether it’s running the video switcher, leading things from stage, riding around on the lift, or simply un-jamming the copy machine, I’m right there in the thick of it.


It’s not because I’m super smart, or have several skills in my tool belt. It’s simply because I’ve learned how to learn.


I’m a lover of knowledge. Anytime I get the chance I try to learn something new. Usually if I don’t know how to do something, I won’t pass it off to someone who does. Instead, my attitude is “I will figure it out.”


This attitude has been born out of my years of homeschooling. If I ever got a wrong answer on a test or lesson, I was able to go back and figure out why it was wrong. It was more important for us to understand the work, than to have a great score or grade. It was more important to learn than to pass.


 Have you learned how to learn?





  1. I love your nickname! The Swiss army knife will come in handy when you start having kids. You probably already know this. 🙂

    If I were completely honest I would have to say that I am just now learning how to “learn”. I was one of those students who worked hard and did well in school but when I graduated from college that was it—-I WAS DONE! I truly didn’t think I would have to “learn” again until I signed up for my masters. Kinda of embarrassing to admit that!

  2. I think sometimes I’m too lazy to figure something out myself. Hmmm. Thanks for the nudge, Swiss army girl.

    Really? All that from homeschooling? Maybe one day….maybe one day.

  3. I don’t love to learn if it requires looking for an answer that’s hard to find. (ie – I hate researching!) But, you give me a topic and tell me where to look and I’m ALL over it.

    You had a GREAT teacher in school. 🙂

  4. So what did you learn last night at switch?

  5. I didnt love to learn till I was in my 20’s. Wait I am only 26=). I was just thinking about this today, how I want my boys to LOVE to learn. Thanks friend!

  6. I just learned how to learn when I started homeschooling my kids.

    Oh, and GOOD JOB, ROBIN!

  7. I was born a lover of learning. I love to know everything about everything and sometimes that gets me in trouble. Everyone thought I was just being a show off. I just love to know about all of it! I love to say that I am still learning, still a student. And I hope to pass that on to my kids. Which seems to be working ok. Our adventures in homeschooling are fun and hilarious and happening on a daily basis without my even trying. My kids have to know everything too.

  8. I am the Jack of all trades and the Master of none! When I was smaller I did not like school or anything about it. Learning was very hard for me. I have a few learning problems and no one noticed until 11 grade. I am now older and love school. If I get an answer wrong I need to know why it is wrong and what was the right answer. I have my AS and am very proud of it and working on another AS and BA…I do feel that you should learn to understand not learn for a grade. I think our schools today focus to much on the grade and not what a student is learning…it is the same in college. I had one professor who knew I did not do well on tests but if he asked me a question I could give him the answer.
    When I have worked it has been as a sub in the schools in Norman. My teaching style is to make learning fun and interesting, Then hopefully ,the children will want to learn more

    For the record…I would have loved to home school Shawn….and still wouldn’t mind it…..I know I would push him more than what PCN does…

  9. Learning isn’t hard all it takes is a steady mind that wants to learn something it doesn’t already no how to do. But not always is it hard but people make it harder but not wanting to find out what they want or need to learn about

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