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What Do You Think?

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Your feelings got hurt.  924849406_3d4b9b2253

It happens. 

I’m sure it’s happened to you.  It’s certainly happened to me.

So, I’ve been wondering…

What causes our feelings to be hurt? 

What is the underlying issue or issues behind your hurt feelings?

I have some ideas, but tell me what you think.





  1. I think mostly it’s from past offenses we carry around from people who have hurt us that we haven’t forgiven. So it’s a sore spot that is hanging out there, like when you have a wound that keeps getting bumped all the time.

  2. Pride & insecurity & fear are the top three that come to mind. Also, I think that in our egocentric minds we are absorbed with self-exaltation. When our egos aren’t petted are feelings get hurt. When we don’t get what we think we deserve. hmmmm! I’m thinking I could type for a while on this one.

  3. We don’t believe God. If we did we would not be hurt by others because we would stay secure in the knowledge of His love for us and that would be enough.

  4. I don’t carry around past hurts. Really, I don’t. But, my feelings can take a little pounding every once in a while. It could be something someone said, something someone did or failed to do. I get over it quickly. But for the moment, it makes me sad.

  5. It takes a lot for me to get hurt. The people that live in my house probably have the greatest access to my feelings. Hubby more than anyone. And usually it’s just the tone of his voice that stings me. When I detect that he isn’t listening or that I am annoying him…it feels like rejection. But overall I try to keep my big girl panties on.

  6. i get hurt feeling when i think Mike does not care about me. I know that is a lie b/c he married me – so he does care. So it is like rejection – i then it brings up the past hurt of all the rejection, and so on. my felling used to be hurt so easy, but

    Jesus has grown my skin an little and definatly healed some deep wounds, so my feeling do not get as hurt – and i am learning love over rejection – with is an awesome thing!!!

    Loved see you last night!!

  7. A bunch of stuff… let me ponder and get back to you!

  8. When my feelings get hurt, it’s usually because I am taking things WAY too personally. Or I’m worried the comment/action that ‘hurt’ actually holds some truth about me.

    So, I’d say it’s pride and self-centeredness. Eww.

  9. My feelings don’t get hurt often. It generally takes quite a bit to REALLY hurt my feelings. (ugh, then it’s deep.) It happens when someone doesn’t live up to my expectations — and sometimes (not always) I’ve simply expected too much from someone.

  10. my feelings usually get hurt by BOYS–who stop talking to me w/ no explanation, or say mean things, or never start talking to me at all! 🙂 so i guess it makes me feel like i’m not good enough. basically, it comes down to insecurity, i think. ugh! 😦

  11. I attribute my hurt feelings to allowing the situation to become bigger than my God. God loves me and has created me for a purpose. Feelings are not a bad thing but when we allow them to create irrational thoughts then that is when we let our feelings start to control us.

  12. I get my feelings hurt when I give to much of myself to a person that only cares about themselves and then MY expectations in the relationship don’t get met.

    So basically my feelings get hurt because I expect people to care as much as I do and they don’t. My feelings get hurt because of my wants, desires and expectations of other people.

    Pretty much covers it from my point of view. 🙂 Now we will be headed to the beach for our last full day in Hawaii.

  13. I think it comes from counting on other people to fill a need they were never created to fill. Also, I tend to get my feelings hurt when I make a situation all about me instead of those around me.

  14. My feelings get hurt when they are not anchored in truth and guided by faith.

    I’m sure some of you on here have seen the little train illustration where each of the cars line up to create this link:


    I remember one time where a man I was witnessing to accused me of being the reason the world is so messed up. I was tempted to take it personally, but the truth was that he was disgusted with God for some reason. I felt bad for (not hurt by) him, but learned to not take such criticisms personally.

  15. Personal Perception, Life Experience, Insecurity, Caring About What People Think…

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