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After a whirlwind year with Jon being deployed and trying to stay busy and on-the-go so I didn’t go crazy missing him, we’ve recently made the choice to stay at home and cut down on outside activities.   And stay at home we do . . . A lot! 



It was a bit of an adjustment at first, but the results have been amazing.  I love to see my children have time to play and create.  Imagination just doesn’t have the time to come alive when all kids hear is “hurry up” and “let’s go” all the time.   Here are some fun things that have come of our recent at-home times.


Kaden, just out of the blue decided he wanted to make a bird feeder.  He crafted this little bird getaway from a paper towel holder, sticks and tape.  He remembered to instruct me to buy bird food when we went to town next, and now we have this “lovely” little house sitting on our front porch.  Please join me in praying for birds to come!




We go on nature walks and collect “treasure” quite often.  On one of these times Kaden and Will found bricks that they wanted to bring home.  They then decided they wanted to paint them. 





While sitting down with my little guys doing school one day, Daddy decided he was going to go shoot some water turtles in the pond so they wouldn’t eat our fish.  So forget Mommy’s lesson, off with Daddy they go.





And many times our nature walks include fun picture opportunities.  Fall is a great time to get outdoors!





So I challenge you, no matter what your schedule or calling in life:   try to stay at home just a bit more.  Learn to say no to those extra busy activities and take time to enjoy your kids and home without always thinking about that next thing on the to-go list.


I finally did, and I love it.







  1. That picture is so cute!

    I wish I could stay home more and I don’t even have kids! With just school and work, I am gone all the time!

    Wish I could come “stay home” with you guys sometimes too!

  2. Such great advice.

    That leaf picture is so great!

  3. Hi Erin,
    You sent a link to your family page a little while back, and I’m just finding the time to check it out.

    I love this post. It’s so true, and God’s teaching me that same lesson right now. I tell everyone that I’m a Stay at home Mom that can’t stay home! There’s always something going on. Busy, busy, busy… I’m working on changing it though. (However, I’m on the opposite end of deployment. My Hubby, Mike, deploys soon to Iraq. Any advice having just gone through it yourself?)

    I would like to take this time to say:
    You guys rock! What a cute family!!! I wish I could live closer and know you all!!!!!

    Aka: former Marine Corps Wife (how I met Jon)
    Aka: Home-school Mommy
    Aka: Currently an Army Wife (my hubby became a traitor to the Corps :0 but he will always be a Marine)

  4. Awww… they’re so cute!!

  5. Love the bird feeder. Love the picture of Jon and Kaden heading out together to shoot some turtles. Perfect! How in the world did you teach your boys to be that neat when they paint? My dining room is a disaster after my kids paint.

  6. I love those boys! They be fun!!!

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