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Guess What?

In Uncategorized on Monday, October 27, 2008 at 8:02 am

Can you guess what this picture is?


Did Jon take it in war-beaten Iraq?


Is it from an old uninhabited home?


Did I Google dust bunnies and find this gross picture?


Um . . . No . . . afraid not.  It’s in my kitchen!!! . . . or was until I went all Martha-Stewart on it.


I began noticing that a few items in my fairly new side-by-side Whirpool refrigerator were not lasting quite as long as they should.  After having to hurt my money-saving-heart way too many times by tossing old milk and deli meat I pondered as to what could be the cause of this.  In talking with my mom she suggested vacuuming out the coils.  The What??  Somehow I must have missed this lesson in our home schooling home-economics class.  Now really, I’ve read Fly Lady, I have chore lists, chore cards, and on my night stand even right now for my current reading is One Minute Cleaner.  Cleaning is just not an area I falter in.  I even vacuum my mattresses every season for crying out loud!  These kind of dust bunnies just don’t happen to me! 


So anyway, after the initial shock, embarrassment and disgust I went to work on those coils, of course after taking a snapshot to always remind me why it is important to never let the dust bunnies get the best of me.  Wow, so those coils are supposed to be silver . . . ok . . . check.  This chore is now added to my seasonal-vacuum-everything-that-isn’t-breathing category.  Now my holder of nourishment and displayer of children’s art is once again at peace, and so am I  . . . ah . . . true contentment.


Do you vacuum your coils?


What areas in your home might embarrass you?


  1. My entire house embarrasses me. . . I wish I had time to clean it! Maybe I should borrow that one minute cleaner book 😉

    Milk seems to go bad way too soon in our fridge too, maybe I should vacuum the coils!

  2. There is only one room that isn’t embarrassing in my home and that is my master suite “Studio Apartment”. I will soon post about cheese balls and at that time I will point out my gorgeous white and green fake marble looking formica counter tops. I live in style….That would be 70’s style. 🙂

    How could your mama raise you to not know about vacuuming the coils. LOL I really am just kidding.

  3. eeewwww. I don’t even want to know what mine look like.

  4. LOL! I laughed all the way through this one. I did know about coil vacuming. Only because of my husband—-he is obessive compulsive about certain things. Did you know about vacuming out your dryer vents? The big hose looking thing that lets all the hot air out. If you don’t, it can start a fire. I learned that from mr. inspector dude when we bought this house.

    You can come over and go Martha Stewart on my entire house anytime. I’m about 200 days behind on my chore cards. 😉

  5. I’m getting a Kirby…

  6. I found that out the hard way, just like you. And what’s this about vacuuming our mattresses????

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