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In Lifestyle on Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at 10:31 am

I have done Weight Watchers on and off for around five years. It’s a great program because:


·         You don’t really feel you’re on a “diet”

·         You’re not restricted on what you can and can’t eat

·         It’s really a lifestyle eating change

·         It mostly focuses on portion control

·         It works!

My husband and I have been eating this way together for the last two years. We are amazed at how much we used to eat and how little we actually need to feel full now.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a weight loss program this is one to consider.


Here is a good site that is free to help get you started:  Health Discovery 








4 yrs later
Ali – 33 lbs lighter
Brad 62 lbs lighter 





 Have you ever struggled with being over weight?

 Have you found a weight loss program that works for you?



  1. Oh Yes I have struggled with my weight. 🙂

    But I have lost 44 of the 60 pounds that I have wanted to lose. I have done it with weight watchers. I have been doing their Flex Plan since April. It is an awesome plan.

    I like the fact that when I reach my goal weight that they have a maintenance plan to help you maintain the weight lose.

    You guys look awesome!!!

  2. Ali – Wow! I had no idea. You look great.

    I’ve always struggled with my weight, but have lost over 40 pounds so far this year. I still have a loooong way to go, but I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

    At the beginning of the year, I counted calories, etc. on I hit a plateau over the summer and decided to join weight watchers. I really enjoy their program and it is so easy. I wish I could attend meetings, but for now, the online flex plan is working pretty well. 🙂

    Great post!

  3. Holy crap! You guys look awesome!

    Ali, I think you were pregnant in that pic. . . does that count?

  4. That’s what mom thought too, but sadly no I wasn’t pregnant I was just FAT!!!!

  5. weight watchers is the best program i’ve tried – it radically changed my relationship with food, which is the core of weightloss in the first place. losing/maintaining weight continues to be a struggle, though, even 40 pounds later!

  6. Wow! That is awesome! I love seeing pics like that! I’m so proud!

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