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Who is Deciding for You?

In Uncategorized on Monday, October 20, 2008 at 8:32 am

Socialism is the idea of collectivism.  Everything is done from a central location so everyone can be equal.  It completely takes out free will and individuality. 


Communism is the form of government that embodies socialism.  It’s the forcing of those socialist thoughts on the people. 


As kids, we saw it at work.  There was an Iron Curtain.  On the other side of that “curtain” people lived in fear of their lives unless they obeyed the mandates of their government.  If they tried to leave, they were shot.  Christians had to live in obscurity.  We heard all about it. The people had the jobs their government chose for them.  There was no incentive to work harder….everyone made the same amount of money.  It was a sad existence for those people.  And we always saw it on their faces during the Olympics.  We teased that if the Soviets and East Germans didn’t win gold, they would be sent to Siberia.  But it really wasn’t a joke.   Their government owned them.  And we were sad for them, but happy that we lived in a free nation, the USA. 


We got a tiny taste of that during this past Olympics.  Our newscasts softened the hard-edge of Communist/Socialist control of China, but it was there and not pretty.


For many years we have seen some of these same ideals creep into our own American government.  The government wants to tell you where to go to the doctor, wants to take almost ½ of your income to spend on things you would never agree to.  They want to take more money from corporations and job providers and give it to people who don’t have as much.  And then prices escalate and guess who gets to pay more?  You. And me.  They have put limits on how much money you can save and then choose where they want to invest your money.  They want your money to go to someone who can’t pay his own bills.  It’s pure socialistic thought and process. 


Are we really aware?  Or are we the frog in the soup pot and don’t even know the temperature is getting hot until it’s too late?


We still vote people into office to represent us in law and policy making.  Do you know who is making those choices for you? 





  1. scary, scary. we must research for ourselves! i can’t stand it when people just listen to whatever is around them and don’t research to find out what they are really voting for.

  2. I knew this was dad from the FIRST sentence!!

  3. My wife and I will be out of town in November, so we’ve already sent in our absentee ballots. Suddenly, instead of feeling a sense of urgency every time I see or hear something about the election, I feel a bit bemused. Do either of these guys have a chance to change the direction the world is going in? Save the cheerleader, save the world? Oh wait, it’s not the cheerleader, it’s stop the villain save the world? We like it easy. We don’t want to do the research. It’s easier to be a mirror. All you have to do is point, or allow yourself to be pointed, in the direction you’d like to reflect.

  4. I am trying to get as much true information as possible. It is hard to sift through the stuff sometimes.

    Living in California is a little strange also look at some props that we are voting on this time also….

    1. If we are going to overturn the same sex marriage thing.
    2. If we are going to require parental notification and a 48 hour waiting period for our teenage daughter to get abortions
    3. If we are going to set confining standards for animals that are in feed yards.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on those. I live in the Moral Hell on Earth. It truly feels that way sometimes.

  5. Don’t be scared when we know God is in control. But we may go through things that we have never gone through before. Actually Robin and I wrote this together out of frustration that people actually don’t realize their base of belief.
    You’ve hit it on the nail Jimmy, people are too get-a-long little doggie and don’t seem to care enough to stand up and take a stand. I saw a lady today protesting an abortion clinic. But she was out there all by herself.
    Theresa, it’s all about the numbers. If you have more that are for something than not it’s going to be harder to fight but fight we must if we feel something is wrong. It goes to our belief system not whether the majority says it’s okay. We’ve got to overturn the same sex marriage because of God’s word about homosexuality. Who loves our kids more than their parents. There should never be an agency in between the parent and child. If the cattle are in the feedlot their lot in life is not very good anyway is it?

  6. Thanks Dirk…I love your comments. Especially about the animals in the feedlots. I was trying to understand why they needed a stay at a country club prior to being slaughtered but apparently that is what they are thinking, The they in this case are the tree hugging vegans. I know a couple personally and they gave me permission to call them that. 🙂

    I personally have already voted. I am a cow eating absentee-er that is going to be in Hawaii on elections day.

    I just find it sad that I have to read about the propositions and learn about the yea’s and nay’s of these questions anyways. Why??? Why am I having to vote for God’s Law. It was enough for our founding fathers to build a country on. To make laws and a bill of rights based upon it but not now? No now we have been infultrated by weird laws that have nothing to do with God. They have to do with Sin, and all the other things that are evil.

    These are questions that should have never had to come up! Really! Sorry if that makes people uncomfortable.

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