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In Uncategorized on Tuesday, October 14, 2008 at 4:46 am
  • no internet until after noon

  • major headache for me

  • the power supply to my lap-top quit working

  • we bought a new power supply

  • we got Kody a cell phone (he turns 16 on 10/28)

  • Anna was mentioned at!

  • tacos for dinner

  • Ali does my hair tomorrow!

Life is good!



  1. Did Ali ever cut her own hair when she was little? Annelise did yesterday. She cut it shorter than Elijah’s. I am devestated. I cried. She cried. We cried together. She told me she cut it because that would make it long like the little girl in the picture. Not sure where the logic is in that, somewhere in her 4 year old little head it made sense. I know it will grow back but honestly I am grieving over this latest drama. She’s been crying all day saying she looks like a boy! And of course, we had family photos scheduled—whatever!

    I said all that to say I love your attitude on Life! I keep trying to laugh and look at the upside saying this will make great memories but I’m just not there yet!

  2. No, Ali never cut her own hair, but Andrew cut her hair one time. I found the white-blond wisps in the bathroom trash. He was probably 5 and Ali was 3. And she was already pretty short in the hair dept! 🙂

    Take her to Ali to get it shaped, and put some bows in it. Maybe she could wear a cute hat for the pics?

    Smile Donna! 🙂 It will be over before you know it!! I promise.

  3. Cody got a phone that means when you and Dirk leave you will both have your cells!! Yeehaww

    Enjoy getting your hair done. I go Thursday. Unfortunatley not to Ali. 😦

    Tell everyone HI

  4. That is so awesome about Anna, I am so proud of her!

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