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One Bag at a Time

In Lifestyle on Friday, October 31, 2008 at 8:04 am

Over the past several years, I have personally become more and more conscious about doing my part to “save the Earth.” One way I do so is to make a conscious effort to cut down on shopping bag waste.


Shortly before I left for college, my mom made me several large canvas bags that I could use to transport groceries. I used them diligently, and it was amazing how much this one little change cut down on waste (and clutter in my pantry)!


Recently, I was told about a company called One Bag at a Time that sells 100% biodegradable mesh bags for incredibly low prices. The statistics on the site are staggering. I’ve been talking with some friends of mine about screenprinting cool designs on these bags to make “going green” hipper than it already is.


As a culture, we need to stop being so selfish about what we want now and think instead about what we are leaving behind for future generations. I encourage you to check out the site and see how you can do your part to cut down on consumer waste.









Note from Robin:  I’m not very good at this yet, but I do have a couple.  I keep them in the back of my car so I can remember to take them into the store 🙂  I rather enjoy having less paper and plastic bags to deal with!


Check out this article on making your own bags. “35 Reusable Grocery Bags You Can Make” (Erin has already made a few).


One suggestion was to take old tank tops, sew across the bottom.  Voila!  Instant re-usable bags!

If I’ve Said it Once….

In Uncategorized on Thursday, October 30, 2008 at 9:31 am

Never allow your kids’ behavior to embarrass you

Never allow anyone to speak more highly of your husband than you

Sleep in something pretty

Never date anyone you wouldn’t consider marrying

Always prefer

Always love

Never allow yourself to be offended

Never let someone steal your joy

If you are called, He will enable you.

Happiness is a choice

It may be hard, but it’s not TOO hard.

Love is not just a feeling, it’s something you do

Smile…..a lot!


What things do you say often?


Mother Knows Best

In Uncategorized on Wednesday, October 29, 2008 at 9:14 am

Not too long ago I developed a sinus infection. Naturally, working in
the ER my doc prescribes me an antibiotic and I start taking it,
wishing and hoping to feel better before the multitude of studying
piles up. In fact, I did get better. One week into my 14 day antibiotic
treatment I was feeling 100% better, no more sinus infection.

On that day,  I was at work, carrying on with my duties when I starting itching pretty consistently. I had just taken a patient upstairs who was, well let’s
say, lacking in personal hygiene.  So I chalked the itching up to
that, washed my hands really well, and got busy working. A few hours
later I noticed red spots popping up all over me: my arms, my legs, my
stomach, my neck.  And they itched like crazy!

Not wanting to scare my patients I asked to go home early.  There’s something
about your care giver having red spots all over her body that just doesn’t
send that comforting feeling. So I went home with prescriptions for
steroids and antihistamines in hand. I kept taking my antibiotic.

A few days later I still have the spots, I’m distracted at school, I
can’t sleep at night, they were driving me crazy! And the medicine
prescribed for the spots made me sick so I wasn’t taking that anymore.
I was still taking my antibiotic.

I called my mother one day walking home from school. I mentioned the
fact that I had spots and they weren’t going away. I also mentioned
that I was taking an antibiotic for my sinus infection and that I have
been taking it for a week.   Mom replies by telling me that of
course it is the antibiotic and that none of us kids have ever been able to finish
an antibiotic without some sort of reaction. 

Apparently, this is the first antibiotic that I have had to take in my
entire adult life. So, all of that to say:  listen to your mom.   Ask your
mom.   She probably knows your body better than any doctor around, and maybe even better than you!

Aren’t mom’s great?



He’s 16!

In Uncategorized on Tuesday, October 28, 2008 at 8:56 am

He’s 16 today, Kody Samuel Meadows.


 It’s really hard to believe.  (It’s true—it goes by really fast!!)


Samuel means “asked of God”.  Kody means “cushion or pillow”…(we changed it to “comfort”.) 


He was our sixth.  Not that we were asking for more….we just weren’t NOT asking (if you know what I mean). 


I had determined in my heart, during this pregnancy, that I was going to enjoy this baby.  And it’s a good thing I did!  He was a fussy, sickly baby.  It took 5 other brothers and sisters plus 2 parents to raise him. J 


One of our favorite stories about him is when he was about 3, he would wake up really early in the morning, starving, I presume.  He would walk into our room, stand by the bed, and look me in the face (really closely) until I woke up….startled!  Then, in his forever-deep voice, he’d ask, “Can you get me some ce-rel (cereal).”  I got really good at sending him to ask a sibling.  Anna was the best at getting up, fixing Kody a bowl and then heading back to bed. 


Today, he’s a strong, healthy young man seeking God’s heart.  He plays the guitar outstandingly well, is a leader among his peers, and is a very hard worker.


We’re excited to see how God continues to grow him.  In the meantime, he still lives on cereal (and hamburgers, and chicken fried steak (when he can get it), and hot dogs, and whatever else we can find to keep him filled up!)


Happy Birthday Kody!!

Guess What?

In Uncategorized on Monday, October 27, 2008 at 8:02 am

Can you guess what this picture is?


Did Jon take it in war-beaten Iraq?


Is it from an old uninhabited home?


Did I Google dust bunnies and find this gross picture?


Um . . . No . . . afraid not.  It’s in my kitchen!!! . . . or was until I went all Martha-Stewart on it.


I began noticing that a few items in my fairly new side-by-side Whirpool refrigerator were not lasting quite as long as they should.  After having to hurt my money-saving-heart way too many times by tossing old milk and deli meat I pondered as to what could be the cause of this.  In talking with my mom she suggested vacuuming out the coils.  The What??  Somehow I must have missed this lesson in our home schooling home-economics class.  Now really, I’ve read Fly Lady, I have chore lists, chore cards, and on my night stand even right now for my current reading is One Minute Cleaner.  Cleaning is just not an area I falter in.  I even vacuum my mattresses every season for crying out loud!  These kind of dust bunnies just don’t happen to me! 


So anyway, after the initial shock, embarrassment and disgust I went to work on those coils, of course after taking a snapshot to always remind me why it is important to never let the dust bunnies get the best of me.  Wow, so those coils are supposed to be silver . . . ok . . . check.  This chore is now added to my seasonal-vacuum-everything-that-isn’t-breathing category.  Now my holder of nourishment and displayer of children’s art is once again at peace, and so am I  . . . ah . . . true contentment.


Do you vacuum your coils?


What areas in your home might embarrass you?


Talking is Overrated

In Uncategorized on Friday, October 24, 2008 at 9:52 am

The following needs to be read in a “whisper voice”.


Because that’s how it was written.  See?  Today I had no voice.  None.  I can only whisper. The changing seasons got me again. 



Here are some things I’ve noticed today about whispering and having no voice.



  • If you whisper, people get very quiet. 
  • If you whisper, people get closer to hear you.
  • If you whisper, people whisper back to you!  (even the cashier at 7-11)haha
  • Men don’t mind long periods of silence (in fact, I think my guys are rather enjoying this!)
  • It is slightly difficult to teach new math concepts with no voice
  • It’s next to impossible to talk on the phone (NEXT to impossible, but not IMpossible)
  • A lot of things don’t need saying at all….hmmmm


Well, I’ve noticed these things…but I don’t necessarily enjoy them.  I’m looking forward to being able to talk again.  Hope my men enjoyed it for a bit 🙂


When your kids are extra loud have you ever tried whispering?


Do you ever lose your voice?  Have any tricks for getting it back?






What Do You Think?

In Uncategorized on Thursday, October 23, 2008 at 9:11 pm


Most of us develop our Christianity

along the line of our temperament,



not along the line of God.”


–Oswald Chambers


Discuss.   (I added my thoughts in the comments).








Weight Watchin’

In Lifestyle on Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at 10:31 am

I have done Weight Watchers on and off for around five years. It’s a great program because:


·         You don’t really feel you’re on a “diet”

·         You’re not restricted on what you can and can’t eat

·         It’s really a lifestyle eating change

·         It mostly focuses on portion control

·         It works!

My husband and I have been eating this way together for the last two years. We are amazed at how much we used to eat and how little we actually need to feel full now.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a weight loss program this is one to consider.


Here is a good site that is free to help get you started:  Health Discovery 








4 yrs later
Ali – 33 lbs lighter
Brad 62 lbs lighter 





 Have you ever struggled with being over weight?

 Have you found a weight loss program that works for you?




Camping Update–Lake Skiatook

In Family on Tuesday, October 21, 2008 at 9:32 am

Camping actually begins with a food-planning lunch the week before we leave,  and the making (and testing) of a LARGE amount of trail mix.


This was our first time to camp at Lake Skiatook.  It’s a beautiful lake, only about 1-1/2 hours from our house with a beautiful drive along Highway 33.  If you ever go, check out campsite #53 at Twin Pointe.  It’s a great corner site with plenty of tent room….and it will never be the same 🙂


All the grands!  Many hours of fun spent at the park. Uncle Kody and Uncle Jacob took them to play many times!

Watching for mermaids.  Lily was convinced they were in the lake. 

Throwing rocks at the mermaids?  Oh, and notice the shoes.  Perfect for a princess on a campout!



Our kids love games.  A few games of cards and dominoes…..until it was time to eat again!

Grandpa showing off his campfire making skills.


 Drinking coffee (and hot chocolate and apple cider) around the fire.  It was pretty cool on Saturday morning.

Gotta have that flavored creamer with our coffee….even on a campout!


One of our camping favorites….biscuits on a stick.

Oooo…they’re good!


Camping as a family is a great time of focus.  No outside interruptions, plenty of campfire talks when the kids are asleep, lots of playing time, great food, reading and napping. 

Does your family camp? 

Who is Deciding for You?

In Uncategorized on Monday, October 20, 2008 at 8:32 am

Socialism is the idea of collectivism.  Everything is done from a central location so everyone can be equal.  It completely takes out free will and individuality. 


Communism is the form of government that embodies socialism.  It’s the forcing of those socialist thoughts on the people. 


As kids, we saw it at work.  There was an Iron Curtain.  On the other side of that “curtain” people lived in fear of their lives unless they obeyed the mandates of their government.  If they tried to leave, they were shot.  Christians had to live in obscurity.  We heard all about it. The people had the jobs their government chose for them.  There was no incentive to work harder….everyone made the same amount of money.  It was a sad existence for those people.  And we always saw it on their faces during the Olympics.  We teased that if the Soviets and East Germans didn’t win gold, they would be sent to Siberia.  But it really wasn’t a joke.   Their government owned them.  And we were sad for them, but happy that we lived in a free nation, the USA. 


We got a tiny taste of that during this past Olympics.  Our newscasts softened the hard-edge of Communist/Socialist control of China, but it was there and not pretty.


For many years we have seen some of these same ideals creep into our own American government.  The government wants to tell you where to go to the doctor, wants to take almost ½ of your income to spend on things you would never agree to.  They want to take more money from corporations and job providers and give it to people who don’t have as much.  And then prices escalate and guess who gets to pay more?  You. And me.  They have put limits on how much money you can save and then choose where they want to invest your money.  They want your money to go to someone who can’t pay his own bills.  It’s pure socialistic thought and process. 


Are we really aware?  Or are we the frog in the soup pot and don’t even know the temperature is getting hot until it’s too late?


We still vote people into office to represent us in law and policy making.  Do you know who is making those choices for you?