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Ok, have you ever read a funny little blog, a text a friend sent you that just got you giggling, or come across something pretty dern hilarious that deserves a little more than just an old LOL?  I mean, come on, LOL is getting over-used just a little much, plus yeah, sometimes I read something that makes me say, “HA!” and then I’m done and don’t think about it anymore.  Very rarely does something make me ROFL (roll on the floor laughing for those of you not quite up with internet slang).


 But sometimes something makes me “Ha” and then keep on “Ha-ing” until I’ve got a pretty good out loud laugh going on, but yet still not quite rolling on the floor.  Are ya with me?


Oh I know, there’s one out there I could use.  LM%*#O.  But I’m a good Christian girl and I just don’t have any sense using that word, even in internet slang.  It’s just a potty word and that’s all there is to it. 


But, back to my first dilemma.  There’s some dern good funnies out there that deserve more than a LOL and I want to have something to give them.


So I’m going with LMPO (laughing my patootie off). 


Now “patootie” is an acceptable term in the Many Meadows’ and extended households for the backside area that we sit on and do other “business” with.  Therefore, I deem this word appropriately worthy of stepping up LOL a notch for the really funny blogs, texts, etc., without having to use potty language to get my point across.


And don’t worry I googled it and it is not used in any current internet slang for anything else, inappropriate or not.


And I leave you with the end result of one of my quandaries for the week and wish you many LMPO in the future.


How do you express your on-line feelings of humor?



  1. well, if it is more than “LOL” or a simple “haha”, but not quite ROFL worthy, then I go with bahahaha, or a longer hahaha.

    but…I think I’m going to start using LMPO just because I was ROFL when I read it 🙂

  2. I use LOL. I know, boring.

    BUT, I only use it when I’m really laughing out loud.

    That has to count for something.

  3. I use ROFL when Iming and LOL when texting. I’m not very creative. Too busy with kids:) My sister uses hilarious expressions all the time. I’ll have to pay closer attention and pass some along.

  4. I use haha a lot, I think maybe people don’t say that funny of things to me. I always like to read and guess who is writing and I could not figure this one out! It didn’t surprise me to see it was you Erin but I just couldn’t decide! You make me LMPO, ROFL and LOL!!

  5. LOL or I just type, I’m laughing SO hard! Or, if it’s not funny, i never fake it…I’m with Cindy!

  6. Well, I can tell you that I most definately won’t be using LMPO just only because I think “patootie” sounds really weird and something that I would never say, so yeah I’m just not going to say it.

    As for what I do use, haha is as far as it goes and LOL is only in texts.

    However I did make the observation that I am the only guy that has commented on this post which could be a bad thing, but oh well.

  7. Erin, you are such a cutie patootie. I love LMPO. Very smart. And is much less physical than ROTFL.

  8. I typically use lol for a chuckle and LOL for a really hard laugh…Im bad about the caps…I overuse them. Or Im really dramatic, one or the other. I overuse the … too. and the :).

    My husband can have a potty mouth at times and has started using txt lingo out loud as a way to ‘soften’ it. It kinda makes me lol and sometimes LOL. Thankfully he is excellent at doing it only when the little ears of the house are not around ;0)

    I’ve always had a pretty clean mouth…except when Im pregnant, those stinkin hormones express themselves in four letter words. And not the safe to say in some Christian circles kind…more like the Jerry Springer kind. Its NOT pretty! And that is why we are stopping at four children. 🙂

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