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Fun and Cheap Family Day

In Uncategorized on Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 8:28 am

We are always looking for fun cheap things to do as a family. Over Brad’s vacation we took the girls to see Kung Foo Panda at North Park Mall. Every Tuesday they have 50-cent movies. So for two bucks we all got to see a movie.


Some other fun stuff we do for free or cheap are…….


The Mall. Take them to Quail Springs Mall and the kid’s play area (don’t ask me how they can stay entertained on little plastic frogs, but they love it!)





The Park. We have numerous parks here in Edmond and Oklahoma City, so the kids will never get bored. We like to take a frisbee or football and throw it around with them. To make it even more special, pack a picnic and a blanket. You could make a whole evening out of this and spend nothing!


The Zoo.  Get a zoo pass. We got one the first part of the year when they were running the special for five dollars off. It pretty much pays for itself after the first couple of times.


Redbox.  Go to the Redbox, near most Wal-Marts or McDonalds.   For one dollar you can rent a movie, or if you have a free code you can get it free(just don’t forget to take it back the next day). We like to lay out a big blanket in front of the tv and pretend were having a sleepover.


So what are some cheap, fun things your families like to do together?



  1. Love the pictures Ali. The girls are beautiful.

    We like to go on walks….Or we use to like going on walks until I was tricked last weekend. 🙂

    We have a lot of the same things you mentioned. In the summer we enjoy lake time too. When the kids were little we lived at the beach so we spent alot of time there.

  2. Love 50 cent day at Northpark! Love the zoo pass!

    We have family mattress night, we get all the mattress into the living room, get that $1 movie (or free kids movie at Randy’s) make some homemade pizza, and snuggle up.

  3. Yes, we love the parks too. My boys won’t really sit still for movies though. We take them fishing at a state lake, so that’s free. My guys like to stake out deer from the tree house too, but that’s a “no girls allowed” activity. 🙂

  4. There is always aunt Kate-Kate’s house too!

    I’m craving homemade pizza now!

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