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Electing a President (Part 2)

In Uncategorized on Tuesday, September 23, 2008 at 9:12 am

            Elections come and go and I thought the world was coming to the end after seeing my Dad’s reaction to Kennedy being elected over Nixon. Well, the world didn’t end, but that experience taught me that the election of a certain person does not match all the hype or 3 or 4 years and the gazillion dollars to get him into office. Even the President doesn’t have the impact that we think.


 Don’t get me wrong. Electing a good man or woman is important. But the beautiful system that our forefathers created is so ingenious that the checks and balances are there for a purpose.


 Why do I say all this? Because I know Who is really in charge, not only of our country, but also of the world.


 It’s because of having God as my source that when I make a choice for electing a president it’s with God’s wisdom and direction that helps me to choose.


Practically speaking, I always try to find out where the candidates stand on the issues. This is not always easy. The Internet has become a wonderful tool in helping to find what a person stands for. It takes work to see how they have voted or if they believe what is in their speeches. In fact, you can’t really trust what a politician says, not just because of dishonesty and the desire to get elected but also because of perspective and context.


Another important aspect is the platform they stand for. The two major political party platforms are very differing. Have you ever read them?


As I’ve said, listening to what someone else says about a candidate can lead you to mis-truths. Pop culture proponents are notorious in pushing their agendas just like other groups push their own agendas. That’s why we all need to become first-generation researchers, finders of truth on our own so we can make the choice God wants us to.


What do you think? How do you choose?




  1. So true! My daddy trained me well 🙂

  2. I listen to you, Dirk Meadows.

    Now tell me who to vote for 🙂

  3. So well said. We should use this in every aspect of our lives, and become our own researchers.

  4. No no no Cindy Beall, as my kids will tell you, I always try to push the decision back to you. It’s your choice and God is there to help as I know you know. I’m just saying!!!

  5. Of course all the major issues like economy, foreign policy and such are important but I’m always interested in their moral position because so much of that reflects their heart and is a good indicator for their beliefs on other things.

    No, sadly I’ve never read the formal platform of the two parties. Oh no, what kind of American AM I?! 🙂

  6. Do you think that the USA has been as prosperous as it has for the last 200+ years because God blessed our founding fathers because they lived by his word. They created laws by His Word and punishments by His Word. That now we as a society has turned against His Word in a lot of areas that God is taking his blessing away from us? I was eavesdropping on this conversation the other day between a couple of en. It got rather heated.

    I am curious as to your opinion on this theroy Mr. Meadows.

  7. Sorry that is a little off subject.

  8. ” It’s because of having God as my source that when I make a choice for electing a president it’s with God’s wisdom and direction that helps me to choose.”

    YES! I think you hit the nail on the head with that! All too often we forget to truly seek the face of the One that holds it all in His hands… seek Him in prayer and seek Him in the Scriputres. One of the things we try and do on a regular basis is ask God to give us a clean slate (meaning push everyone else’s (as well as our own) junk (good and bad) aside) and then show us His Truth. More often than not if we can wade through the murkey waters that are clouded with our fleshly interpretations and opinions, then we can see the Truth so very clearly.

    Great thoughts Mr. Meadows!

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