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What’s On?

In Uncategorized on Monday, September 22, 2008 at 7:45 am

We’ve never been big TV watchers around here at the ManyMeadows.  We even went through a time when we put the TV in the attic when we were little.  Just imagine trying to watch something with 7 kids running around – DISASTER!!!   There’s just enough (ok, more than enough) entertainment around with that many people. 


Now, when Survivor first started we became die-hard fans.  We had family night at Ma and Pa Meadows and everyone gathered around to see the latest tribal councils, competitions, etc.  Then more and more ManyMeadows came along and that fizzled out with all the activity. 


So now that Survivor is kind of a dud, what’s on?


 If you have not checked out The Office you are missing out on some serious laughs – “That’s what she said.”  (Sorry you gotta watch it to get my drift).  That show is a must see in your weekly watching! 


What else is on?  Am I missing something good? 


What is in your line-up for the week now that all the new seasons are starting?






  1. The Office is a must. Only four more days.

    24, if it ever comes back on.

    And LOST. Who can get enough of people stranded on an island?

  2. The Office. We are such die hard fans Jonathan is on his way to rent reruns. We are addicts. We need therapy. LOL

    That is it for us—-too many kids running around to watch much tv. Sometimes we watch Leno of Conan. They are sooooo left wing I end up getting frustrated!!!

  3. 1) LOST- this is the show we can’t wait to see every week!

    2) Survivor- we are still into it (we have watched every season) and Brandon has tried out 2 times- but didn’t make it:(

  4. LOST. We love it.
    I am going to watch (for the first time) The Office this season.
    As for Survivor, we used to watch that but as the boys keep getting older we’ve had to cut it. I need those castaways to wear a FEW more clothes!!!

  5. We love the office we are counting the days.

    We also love prison break!

  6. Kim, you bring up an interesting point. Our TV and movie watching has changed over the years due to the ages of our kids. Plenty of Disney movies when they were young! And I think I know all the words to “Balto”–my youngest boys loved that movie!

    Tonight, we’ll begin Heroes and we’ve been watching the series on DVD with our boys. It’s not something Dirk and I would usually choose, but it’s clean fun, (a bit bloody) and they will actually watch it with us! In fact, more family is coming to watch this one….it may be our new “Survivor” family night. 🙂

    And The Office is too fun!

  7. I LOVE the Office as well as the Biggest Loser. That show inspires me…I always end up in tears at the end of every episode. Even though I have class on Tuesday nights, I always try to catch the 2nd half of the episode while I am on the treadmill at the gym.

    FYI, there are full episodes of certain shows (including The Office) on, for those who happen to miss or need to get caught up…

  8. Personally I’m a fan of Dancing with the Stars….I just think it’s addicting to watch!!!

  9. We’ve never seen The Office…might have to check it out. We really like 24, Prison Break, and LOST. You need to start at the beginning to truly get hooked…which you can find at the video stores.

    TV is difficult for any family, I think…especially with a large one, I’m sure. I’m so glad someone invented the DVR. We do our family stuff, while our shows are being recorded. We watch our show and have our alone time after we go to bed. We know that might be different as our family is blessed with additions…but works for now.

  10. No more Survivor addiction in the Meadows family? We’re counting down the days here!! I remember when Dirk used to text my dad about tribal and we’d be a few minutes behind and he’d get so mad!

  11. I like to watch Biggest Loser, Dancing with the Stars, NCIS, and lots of Sports.

    I have actually been turning the TV off and DVRing all the shows I like so I can skip the commercials. I have also realized that I don’t watch as much TV as I use too.

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