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Whatya Got?

In Uncategorized on Monday, September 15, 2008 at 5:55 am

I’m all about people that like to make New Year’s resolutions, because really I’m just all about people (myself included) making goals for their life.  For me though, I like to break it down and make new personal goals at each start of a new semester.


So to look back over the summer here were my personal goals:


*Get a tan  check

*Garden check

*Organize shed  check

*Organize spare bedroom/office/workout room uncheck

*Do my school planning for the year  check


So I’m 4 for 5.  Not bad.


So for this Fall semester I have new personal goals.  Here they go:


*Make a habit of brushing my teeth twice a day (yeah, I’m just a once-a-dayer, embarrassing huh?)

*Learn how to take better pictures with my Canon point and shoot (any tips???)

*Learn better tricks with Photo Shop Elements (any tips???)

*Sell all the extra stuff laying around the house on Ebay

*Start working out at 7:00am (ick, I’m SO not a morning person)


Ok, there’s mine.  Whatya got?  Get some motivation to make some goals and then let’s tackle them this semester!





  1. Let see, my goals are pretty simple:

    Try not to fail nursing school
    Work out at least twice a week
    Get enough sleep
    Keep my house clean

    I only have enough time and will power for the basics 😉

  2. My Goals:

    Lose the last 20 pounds
    Exercise (yuck) (Totally need motivation and help)
    Payoff $1500 of debt before January

    I think that is enough for now.

  3. Erin, I have a “Photography for Dummies” book you can borrow. It’s awesome.

    I think you know my goals, Sergeant Simms. 😉

  4. love the goals!

    *mine- work out 4x’s a week—which means getting up before the sun—-not fun!
    *stick to weight watchers
    *pay off $2000.00 toward medical (that’s just one bill)
    *resume some sort of cleaning routine for my house!
    *floss 3X’s a week (I’ve had this goal for three years)

    I should print this and post it on my bathroom mirror 🙂

  5. This could be a long list…..

    Lose another 10lbs
    Do fun activities with my girls. Any ideas?
    Save up $10,000 by December
    Organize my house(again)
    Change jobs
    Read more books

    I could keep going but I think I’ll stop here.
    Great post! I LOVE goals.

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