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NFL Week 2, Will it be as Good as the First???

In Uncategorized on Saturday, September 13, 2008 at 4:21 am

OK, so since last week was such a hit (especially for Theresa) I have decided to write another blog about the NFL.

So, for this one I will start out by appealing to those fans who are… how we might say, “casual”. The NFL is composed of 32 teams in 2 conferences, the AFC and the NFC. In each conference there are 4 divisions for example the AFC west or the NFC east.

Alright, so now that we have taken care of the more casual fans I will dive in a little. I am going to keep with theme and break down one main game this week. However, I must comment a bit on the outcomes of the last week. First off, I am 1-0 in my predictions. Second, I would like to say holy crap. INDY what the heck happened? Like I mentioned in my last blog I thought it was kind of a gimme game. Oh, and poor Brady….except he will still get millions to sit and watch football from the sidelines. This event, sorry for you Pat fans out there, was the best thing to happen to the AFC. Also, I have to say this because I am a Broncos fan and they are a division rival so HA HA HA HA San Diego LOST.

The game I have decided is the most interesting this week is the Panthers vs. the Bears for obvious reasons. The Panthers had a huge upset when they beat the Chargers and the Bears pulled one for the ages and defeated Indy at their brand new stadium. My quick assessment of this week’s match up is that Matt Forte will have a huge game because the Bears simply don’t trust any QB they have, even though Orton did pretty well last week. Unfortunately for the Panthers there will be no Rasario to save them this week and since Steve Smith is still out they will have a very hard time against a re-established Bears defense.

My prediction is the Bears eat the Panthers 24-10.

Who’s your player to watch this week and why?




  1. Great game to highlight Brad. It was good to see Dusty and Tommy playing together for the Bears. I also looked for Mark Bradley but couldn’t spot him.

    I always like to see what Adrian Peterson is doing.

    And of course anybody on the Steelers. They play Sunday night so I might get to see some of it.

  2. We caught the end of the Denver game tonight! Very exciting game. I hate that the call was questionable at the end of the game but still glad Denver got the W!

    Indy didn’t look too great today as well (and I was rooting for Adrian (notice I didn’t say Baltimore-just Adrian and his team since he IS the team) but Indy pulled it out. Guess that’s a sign of great leadership.

    I’m enjoying the NFL posts- HUGE football fan here!

    Actually, I’m enjoying ALL The posts- I’m a fan of variety and you Meadow’s just write about things I’m interested in 🙂

  3. OK Brad —

    Due to turning ancient this weekend…I didn’t get to read your post in time. I am hugely disappointed that we missed a week two of either agreeing or sparring….I look forward to it next week. I will say that even though I am not a Pats fan I was rather happy to see them win. Maybe Favre is starting his decline. 🙂

    Hey how about that Nascar?? Someone beside Kyle Busch or Jimmie Johnson won today. Poor Biffle really hasn’t had a great year but got the first win of the chase. Not sure if you are a race fan but I thought I would through that in here for you.

    Looking forward to next week!

    Nice Job Steelers!!! Congrats to Dirk!!

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