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Never Belated Again

In Uncategorized on Friday, September 12, 2008 at 7:46 am

Here’s a time-saving tip to help ensure that all your loved ones receive cards from you on time.


Collect various cards (birthday, anniversary, holiday) while you are out on your normal shopping trips. Keep your eyes peeled for discounts/sales (especially after holidays—you can plan ahead for next year!)


Organize your cards and “file” them away in a box along with a nice writing pen, cute stamps, and a calendar of birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events.


Here’s the KEY: Whenever you find yourself with a few spare moments, write out a card or two for upcoming events (i.e. your niece’s graduation that’s a couple months away), rather than waiting until the last minute.


Write the date of the event (i.e. 9/15) in the space where the stamp will go. A week or so before the event, place the stamp over the date and stick it in the mail!





  1. You are so organized. I am almost this good with cards. Almost.

    This is great advice. Even places like Hallmark with put boxes of cards on sale for 75% off. I also find great deals at arts and crafts stores like Michael’s (might be the equivalant of Hobby Lobby).

  2. Great idea about putting the date where the stamp goes!

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