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Jets vs. Dolphins Bang or Bust???

In Uncategorized on Saturday, September 6, 2008 at 4:38 am

My take on opening weekend for the NFL


Well for most of us guys this is the holy grail of sports holidays. Yes, I am speaking of the first regular season NFL weekend. I think the most interesting game is the Dolphins, Jets. Both are mediocre teams and probably won’t be playoff contenders, but let’s face it.  What else is there to watch? I mean you can only watch New England beat up on KC for so long and Indy will likely embarrass the Bears.


So, let’s talk about predictions on this matchup.


 Will the Dolphins be better than a 1 win team this year? This is an easy one for me; I think the dolphins could push 500 this year. They have upgraded at QB, OL, and they got back one great back. I know what you’re thinking Ronnie Browns knee is still tender, to which I reply I am not talking about Ronnie Brown. Yeah that’s right I am talking about the running, smoking machine,  Ricky Williams. Also Chad Pennington might be a better leader when there isn’t so much pressure; I mean for goodness sakes, the Jets fans show up to the draft in full force. Also I think Ted Ginn Jr. now has someone to get him the ball and he is going to have a blowout year. My prediction for the Dolphins is 7-9 with an opening day loss to the Jets.


 The next question for this game is:  Will Favre pan out? My answer is simply yes. He is a star and this year won’t be any different. Yeah, he has an awkward style and sometimes gets careless.  But who in the NFL doesn’t? And don’t reply with Tom Brady. My opinion is that Laverneus Coles and Jericho Cotchery are arguably just as good as Driver and Jennings. And Thomas Jones is better than Ryan Grant in my opinion. Need I remind you that at this time last year Ryan Grant was on a practice squad for the New York Giants? You will see his true colors this year.


Back on topic.  For the most interesting game on opening weekend I predict that the Jets drown the Dolphins by a score of 28-17.


Have any predictions?











  1. OK we are Californians…. The most interesting of the games this weekend will be 49ers by 7 over the Cards. 21-14 is the boys prediction. I personally think they will lose if they continue to play like last year. We also have to mention the opening Monday Night Football Game that the Raiders will end up losing to Denver. Now onto what you Oklahoma peeps must truly believe is the most interesting game.

    The Jets are going to drown the Dolphins. I agree with that. But in the end Favre’s year isn’t going to be stellar. He is a self-centered idiot that held his team hostage during training over salary/retirement issues. I believe that sooner or later this season he is going to be pounded to the ground and won’t be a factor in any playoff games. But Hey What Do I Know…I am both Female and from California.

    Sorry I missed meeting you when I came to Oklahoma.

  2. OK, after I read this I have to comment. Unfortunatly, You have selected the Pillow fight of the week to be the game of the week. Although, I have Gore as my featured back in my fantasy league and hope he goes off. This will be nothing but blunders and mistakes all game. Both teams are terrible and we will forget who they are by the end of the first quarter. However, as a devoted Bronocs fan I am pleased to hear you state that the Raiders will be obliterated. I do appreciate the support and predict that the broncos will be 10-6 this year and in the playoffs. I do love the comment though, however distorted it might be by the homer aspect. 🙂 And I too am sorry that I didnt get the chance to meet you when you were here and talk football. It is always refreshing to hear a woman with knowledge in football.

  3. I can’t believe that on open WWW you have actually admitted to being a Bronco fan. Man I hope you have a good security system in your car. Culter is starting his 3 season of mediocrity. With no running game to speak of they have almost no chance of making the playoffs let alone 500.

    Brad I am really better at Basketball and Racing. I am looking forward to a long season of sports fun with you. Tell Ali Hi. Oh and your little girls are absolutely precious….Hopefully they will be raised to understand real football and not some missguided view of a mile high mistake. 😉


  5. Maybe I’ll watch the game – thanks for giving me something to watch for.

  6. Ok well be ready for Cubs talk in the weeks to come even though Zambrano is probably out for a while.

  7. Bring it on….BTW I am an Angels fan. 🙂

  8. Okay the two of you have skirted around the NFL like Jack and Jill but I really didn’t know anyone else was playing besides my beloved Steelers. Why even discuss any other team? Yes they have a tough schedule this year but they are the Steelers. Enough said? Dirk
    P.S. Way to go Erin

  9. Steelers Dirk…Your Right Enough said?

  10. Go Broncos!!!

  11. OOPs That was suppose to be my name!!!

  12. I love football and can watch any game…plus, I also do the fantasy football thing. As far as fan of a team…I’m a 49er fan, have been since a little kid watching Joe Montana and Jerry Rice back in the 80’s. I can’t stand the Cowboys and don’t like being force fed them here in OK.

    I heard an interesting story on the old man Brett Favre. When the O-Line had to do some extra running, Brett jumped in there to run it with them. Guess that is why he is such a great leader and just one of several reasons why the team voted him a captain.

  13. What does NFL stand for?
    heh, heh, heh.
    Can we just talk about shoes?

    Seriously, I know nothing of football but I do love this Family Table thing so I read.

  14. I’m from Indy and bleed blue, GO COLTS!!! How about our new stadium? It is awesome and hopefully we will be this year too!

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