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One Chart, Two Chart, Red Chart, Blue Chart . . .

In Homeschooling on Friday, September 5, 2008 at 8:34 am

. . .  black chart, blue chart, old chart, new chart.  Some are sad.  And some are glad.  And some are very, very bad.  Chart, chart, chart, we love our charts!


Do you chart?  I chart.  I chart quite regularly actually!  Charts rule my schedule . . . ahem, I mean help guide me through a productive day.  Well, I have a new chart that will rule  . . . I mean guide the Simms family house this year.  Check it out!


My little guys are so excited about their new chart that they actually can’t wait to do the next thing on the list.  Kids like to know what is expected of them.  I have found that charts are one way to give them some structure.


I have a friend that has done a chart for potty training with a reward system and another friend who had a chart for her three kids for their AM routine before going to school.


If you’ve never tried a chart and you have an area with your kids (or yourself) that could use some improvement, try a chart!  They’re super fun to make, they’re super cool to have hanging in your house, and if followed correctly, they will help your day be more productive.


So join me now . . . Today is gone.  Today was fun.  Tomorrow is another one.  Every day from here to there, charts, charts, charts are everywhere!





  1. You for got to put on the chart….GO See MIMI! 🙂

    I like your chart and I like your boys.

    Good Job Mom!!

  2. I love your chart, Erin! I totally agree, charts help make the world go ’round. Kids seem to thrive with stuff like that. Yours is so pretty! Did you write that top part????

  3. Thanks Theresa! Yes, we do go see Mimi several times a day. 🙂 Delieise, all the letters are cut from my sister, Ali’s fabulous Criket. It’s a fun little machine!

  4. I am pretty fabulous aren’t I? Oh you were talking about my cricut!

    Love the chart, I’m pretty much obsessed with anything you can check off makes me feel like I accomplished something.

  5. Ok. So I think I need to return to the charts. I used to be a wee bit legalistic with the to-do lists, and the structure, and the chart making. But in my freedom, I went a little far to the unstructured side. I’m approaching balance… Maybe I’ll attempt GRACE-filled Chartmaking!

  6. Hi, I’m Scott Seibert’s step mom and I love reading your blogs. Even though I haven’t met most of you, I have you listed as my “Oklahoma Friends.” My sweet Erin introduced me about a year ago to your site.

    I had a chart for my kids and it worked so well, even up to their teenage years. When I got a pay check they would get one too. I would keep a chart on the fridge with their name and pay scale. Their pay scale would be based on their age and they would get an increase with each quarter by a quarter. I would then subtract for things that they had not done that they were suppose to do or subtract for things that they had done that were not acceptable, such as talking back, etc… I had set the subtraction up front so they knew what they would loose from their allowance, if they left toys out they would loose a penney for each item that I had to pick up at end of the day. They would loose 25 cents for talking back because I considered that a serious offense. Eventually I had very little to pick up at the end of the day and my kids behavior was so good. They did not want to loose money and their was never a need to argue because they knew that it would cost them.

    You have to be consistant for it to work. If you don’t keep up with your end then they will loose interest. I would also give them things they could do to earn extra if they wanted to. When we went to the store I wouldn’t buy them anything, like candy at the check out. They would have to use their allowance and in the end it saved us money.

    I wanted to share this with the hope that it might help another family.

    God’s love from Indiana. 😉

  7. I’m just no good at it Erin. Charts end up on the floor, literally. Oh well, maybe I’ll try again with something like our Bible verses. You’re cool.

  8. Love Charts! (And I love One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!)

    When I hosted a Bible study for some grown women I once made a sticker chart for “homework” and “scripture memory.”

    Charts and stickers. Delish.

  9. I love it!!!!! I cant wait to do it=)

  10. See? Aren’t you glad I got these other writers? 🙂

    Another cool thing about this chart is that it has velcro for the “stickers” so it can be used every day.

    I think I’ll make myself one for cleaning house….I used to be much better when I had lots of helpers! 🙂

  11. I am a nerd. Just ask my friends. I have charts for pretty much everything. My charts tell me what laundry to do each day of the week. In my control journal, excuse me, Ledlow Family Resource Notebook, I have charts in page protectors so I can use a dry erase marker on them. My grocery list is in a page protector and I use marker on it to write down how much of each item I need. We did have a chore chart, but my two new teenagers thought that it meant you only do what’s on the chart and nothing else. So we had to scrap that chart for a while. I have my own secret chore chart so I know who needs to do what and when.

  12. Ali – you are fabulous, cricut and all!

    Christi – love the “grace-filled chartmaking” – you do have to learn to be flexible.

    Kay – love your ideas! Thanks for commenting.

    Thanks for everyone’s comments and ideas! How fun!

  13. What the heck is a Crikcut or cricut or krikcute? Anyway what is it?

  14. Love it. Can’t wait to hear more great ideas.

  15. Dad, don’t worry – it’s nothing that hops in the grass or anything like that. It is a machine that cuts letters from paper. For us scrapbooking freaks it is quite fabulous!

  16. LOVE charts. And lists. And anything to do with accomplishing something. Granted, consistency would be easier if we had the girls 24/7, but we do what we can when we have them. You’re right–kids need to know what’s expected of them. 🙂

  17. I will leave the charts to you. I start them and they lose their newness/shine after a while and then we STOP!
    That’s awesome Erin!

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