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Electing a President (Part 1)

In Uncategorized on Thursday, September 4, 2008 at 11:04 am

Jimmy Carter vs. Gerald Ford was one of the first presidential elections I could legally vote in back in 1976. (I know, you weren’t even born …) Carter, an unknown candidate at that time, rose to win the election, mainly due to media attention. Others, like JFK, used the first televised debates to make Nixon look nervous, but it was Carter that rode a wave of media frenzy, making “a simple peanut farmer from Georgia” into a President.


That media frenzy now has a name. It is called pop-culture. Pop (popular) culture has always been with us, but is stronger now in shaping and molding opinion in our society. New technology has even led the way for it to become the very fabric of our lives.


I know you all know that.


So why am I writing this? 


I want to question why you vote for a candidate. 


I also want to encourage you to rise above voting for a man or woman based solely on pop-culture standards.


What do you think?


Do Christ followers sometimes just throw their hands up in confusion and vote for the popular pick?


Is voting for someone based on choosing the lesser of two evils?


Oh, yeah. As a young voter way back in 1976 I got caught up with the Carter wave and voted for him. And Robin cancelled my vote with a vote for Ford. J

Come on, let’s discuss. 



  1. Hello Dirk! Hmmm, I think I choose a candidate for several reasons. Do they stand for what I believe in? Do I believe in their character? Do I trust they will do what is RIGHT when situations arise? I know we only get a glimpse into their lives and can never truly KNOW a candidate but I think how they voted in the past can tell a lot about a person. So, I guess I vote on Who they are (or who I think they are from what I’ve seen) because that is what will come out in the end- what’s inside.

  2. I vote for someone whos values are similar to my own. There are things that are very important to me that will affect the way that I like to live. I think it is interesting though that some candidates get boggled down on issues here on the homefront that would be moot if they don’t take care of defending our country. We need a candidate that can think globally or our country as we know it will not be able to continue to exist.

  3. We do a lot of research. There are a lot of issues we are passionate about and we try to find someone who agrees with us on those things. We want to find someone who can get the job done.

  4. I think first and foremost I spend time in prayer over who I vote for. I also look into the key issues that are being brought to the forefront and see where each individual stands on that issue. I put more weight on those issues that are most important to me. Another thing I do is look into where that person has been put to the test on those issues. If they vote one way 2yrs. ago and a different way last year; that throws up a big red flag. Then I still go back to PRAYER! I truely believe that every election we face has an impact on our lives as we live them. Only God can know the best for our country. Republican/Democrat/Independent is just a label the true test is in the heart and motives of the individual running for office. There is a saying that I like to apply “Tried and True”, it says it all when it comes to politics. Even for the seemingly newcomers on the political scene – they still have a history.

  5. I would love to vote for someone who upholds the same values and standards that I do. Someone that has experience in managing a country, knows how to spend, or how not to spend money. Someone who believes in the freedom that this Country stands for.

    However, since that is not possible in this upcoming election, I think you are right, we have to go with the lesser evil 😉

  6. I think voting is hard because you never know if they will follow through with what they tell us before they get elected. I think we just have to make the right decision that goes along with what we believe in and hopefully God will put someone in charge that will be good for our country.

  7. First things First! Dirk, I miss you….I am glad that you are feeling better. I am hoping to see you in May. I know you are reading this Robin…I love and miss you too!!

    As far as how I vote. I pick who has the least obnoxious ads and vote for them!! OK not really.

    Actually, I do some research. I am not going to claim to be a political guru but I do a little reading. There are about 10 things that are really important to me. I always try and find out where a candidate stands on those things. Not just by what they say during the campaign but how they have voted or who they have supported in the past.

    Their morals are important to me. So I would have a hard time voting a person into office that I knew was a cheater, thief or liar. Wait aren’t all politicians liars? LOL

    I wouldn’t vote a woman into office because she was a woman. I also wouldn’t really cut her any breaks either. Like “Oh, She has a bunch of kids, she probably meant to read up on that policy”. If you are in office DO YOUR JOB. Male or Female.

    And to finish out this book that I have decided to write. Unfortunately, maybe because I live in California, there have been a couple elections where you did vote for the lesser of the evils. Sad but true!!

  8. This is going to sound elementary compared to some of the other comments but I choose/vote on a candidate after much prayer and fasting. I try to stay caught up with “issues” and such. But as my husband says over and over “We aren’t suppose to vote for what issues will benefit us. We vote according to God’s word and the issues that are close to God’s heart.” Which he reveals to us through His word. Doesn’t sound all that intellectual but it keeps us grounded and focused on HIM!

  9. I just blogged on this today.

    My prayer during this season of election time, is that Christians would put aside the worldly influences and look to Gods word as a source of inspiration before the vote is cast.

    My prayer is that Christians won’t just vote for the lesser of two evils but will vote based on Biblical principles; that we would vote for someone that aligns themselves with the word of God and then leave it in HIS hands.

    For some reason we tend to put aside the Scriptures and base our opinion off, well, our own sinful selfs.

    We trust him (or we should) in every area of our lives, we trust him with our finances, our children, our marriages. If we trust him with this, why can’t we trust him with our country? If our ULTIMATE purpose on this earth is to glorify Him, why should we be concerned with what the “world” thinks. We are not accountable to anyone save Him. But for some reason we forget that at election time and don’t fully put our trust in Him.

    When I cast a vote, I do so with much prayer and petition and vote for a person that comes the closest to aligning themsevles with the totality of Scripture.

  10. Love your site!! I love the UNITY in your family.

    Dirk, I had to share this –

    one of my FIRST diary entries is “Jimmy Carter was elected President!”

    I was in the 2nd grade. :O)

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