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We are Family

In Family on Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 8:27 am

Welcome to our new blog!  Just as our name implies, we are many!  This blog will be brought  to you by 10 of the soon-to-be 19 members (with many more to come) of the extended ManyMeadows’ family. Currently, there are 7 siblings, 3 spouses, 6 grands and a new fiancee. (and that doesn’t even count the number of adoptees we’ve added). Oh, and two parents who were/are either very crazy or really love having kids.

We hope you will join us Monday – Friday (usually) for extremely enlightening, knowledgeable okay, maybe just plain-old-fun entries on topics ranging from life, school, home educating, politics, parenting, investments, books, movies, etc.

We also hope you’ll be encouraged, a bit educated, and maybe just a bit humored by this gang.

At least we’ll have fun!