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YouVersion Bible Plan

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You may have landed on this outdated blog because I recently wrote a Bible reading plan, Choices, on YouVersion, the free, ad-free, downloadable Bible for your computer, tablet and phone.

This plan originated with a mid-high class I taught last year at a homeschool coop. During the summer, I felt like God was telling me there was something more to be done with my notes and research. One Sunday morning, my husband and I stopped by a local coffee shop on the way to church, ran into someone who encouraged me to write a Bible reading plan, so I did, and it was accepted!

I hope you enjoy the plan and would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have.

If you look through this blog, you will see it was written by several members of our large family, most dating 2010 and before. Since that time, my husband and I have become empty nesters and have added 4 more grandchildren, 2 foster grands, and have another grand on the way!

Look for another Bible plan for moms to be published soon.




Unwatered Seeds Don’t Germinate

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I love to garden.  Vegetable garden.  It’s a passion, something I enjoy doing each morning.

Tending the plants, tilling the ground, watering, picking the fruit. 

My thumbs aren’t the greenest, and I deal with the common Oklahoma gardener weather and pest frustrations, but I love it anyway.

I often tell people, “It’s my therapy.”  And it is.  

It’s also where I hear my Father’s voice loudest, clearest.

This morning, He reminded me, unwatered seeds don’t germinate“.  

Moms:  the Truths you say to your children over and over again get tiring.  I know.  You are repeating yourself daily, sometimes hourly.  Sometimes with a harsher tone than you mean.  It’s exhausting. 

But just as a seed needs repeated watering to keep the soil moist, as you repeat those Truths, over and over again, you will begin to see a seed sprout, and then a vine grow, and someday, even fruit!  

True for our kids, true for us.  

Believe it!

Galatians 6:9  So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.

For Married Men

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Saturday, Dirk and I had the opportunity to share during three breakout sessions during a marriage seminar.  This is the hand-out Dirk compiled for the men.  Have any more thoughts or suggestions to add?  Wives, your input is encouraged too!

For the Men

LOVE your wife…with actions and words.  Ex:  open her car door, praying, reading your Bible, tithe, help put the children to bed.

Be the head…not the tail! (or the butt) Spiritually lead her!

Tell her she’s beautiful.

Listen better….turn off the TV or gaming system.

Write love notes

Bring small gifts…it really is the thought that counts!

Give her longer kisses…not just the peck on your way out the door.

Leave work at work.

Continue to pursue her…even though you’ve already caught her.

Hold her hand.

E-mail and text her

Take her on surprise dates

Take care of the cars

Finish those home repair projects (or hire someone to finish them)

Read your Bible and pray out loud for your family

Give her lots of cuddle time

Be her best friend

Tell her you love her often….and tell her why.

Share your dreams with her:  Family Vision